The story of Youngwoong Lim continues...  Song Min-jun “Secretly put pocket money + letter in the wallet”

The story of Youngwoong Lim continues… Song Min-jun “Secretly put pocket money + letter in the wallet”

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Singer Song Min-joon delivered the beautiful story of Lim Young-woong.

On February 19th, Song Min-jun posted a photo on his Instagram with the article “Already 4 years ago.”

In the published photo, Lim Young-woong and Song Min-joon posing with a thumbs up are included. The two of them attract attention by showing off their bright smiles and extraordinary private clothes fashion.

Another picture contained a note written by Lim Young-woong himself. Here, it is written to Min-Jun Song,’Come in comfortably’.

Regarding this, Song Min-joon recalled the days when he lived with Lim Young-woong and attended a music festival and said, “My unassuming brother who put 50,000 won in the wallet with that note when I fell asleep. I opened the wallet I was carrying around after a long time and I saw that note, so I can see that note. I had a lot of thoughts,” he said.

He said, “My brother had no choice but to do well, and I am happy that the person he believed in this way is going well. I am still a good brother.”

This is not the only time for Lim’s beautiful story. Singer Geum Jandi appeared on the YouTube web entertainment’Taiwanese Gods of the Age’ last month, recalling her performance in the past, “A fan brought their children and lost them on stage. A 3-year-old child wanted to go to the bathroom, so he was 5 years old. It happened in the process of the child’s delivery, and there was a car of singers parked a long distance from the stage at the time. A 3-year-old child saw a business next to him, and Young-woong Lim did all the treatment.”

(Photo = Song Min-jun SNS)

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