The story of two fireplaces called The Dreamers and Builders in Jeff Bezos's library and lessons for those who are stuck in life - Photo 1.

The story of two fireplaces called "Dreamers" and "Builders" in Jeff Bezos's library and lessons for those who are stuck in life

This week, the library with two fireplaces by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest billionaire in the world, became the subject of discussion at the Amazon re: MARS AI conference opening. This conference is often held privately by Bezos and only guests are invited to attend. However, this year for the first time re: MARS AI is open to the public.

On Wednesday's sharing, senior manager Jeff Wilke, who is responsible for Amazon's consumer e-commerce segment, described Bezos's library as follows:

"In Jeff's library, there are two fireplaces facing each other. On this side, on the fireplace, he leaves the" Builders "sign and on the shelf behind the whole plate are the end of the books. by the authors in the construction industry On the opposite side, on the remaining fireplace he left the sign "Dreamers", and of course on the shelves of the authors' books or dreams. "This Jeff's special library represents what we are trying to do in Amazon, bringing together masons and dreamers together to create a bright future."

On Thursday, Bezos appeared on stage to share side stories with Jenny Freshwater, Amazon's forecast director. Immediately, Freshwater asked Bezos about two fireplaces with opposite names.

And the explanation of the richest billionaire in the world is an interesting look on how to nurture creativity in each person.

"Dreamers appear first and inspire others", Bezos said. "They include authors who write novels and science fiction stories. Alexa, for example, is inspired by computers in Star Trek."

"Dreamers appear and masons are inspired by them. And masons will build a new platform from which dreamers can dream further.", founding Amazon to share more. "Dreamers will not be able to continue to dream if the builders do not build the foundation. They stand on each other's shoulders and push each other to grow together."

Most importantly, however, Bezos says that masons and dreamers are not two different groups of people. "Everyone can be a dreamer and builder at the same time," he said. "We all have those capabilities. Dreaming and building are the basic abilities of every human being and we can move between those two possibilities."

Looking in that direction, Jeff Bezos' philosophy can become a "guideline" for those who are stuck in life.

If you find it too difficult to build something new in your life, instead of wasting your time, be sure to dream a new dream. And if you're having a hard time making a new plan, it's time to roll up your sleeves to realize your latest unfinished plan.

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