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The Stonewall Opera about the LGBT community was completed after 50 years of the event

Mark Campbell, a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, received a letter in February 2018 from the New York City Opera Institute with the following content: "I have a project for you but need to write so fast". The next day, the letter writer Michael Capasso invited Campbell to collaborate to write an opera about the Stonewall uprising, one of the turning points of the LGBTQ movement (Lesbian, Gay, Biosexual, Transgender).

Campbell will only have a few weeks to complete the manuscript, requiring extremely fast work speeds. Campbell himself is gay and he understands the importance of the work he is doing. He collaborated with composer Iain Bell to perform Stonewallon June 21 at the Rose Theater (Time Warner Center) and ended on June 28, exactly half a century after the event Stonewall takes place. Opera Holland Park (London) is likely to be the venue next year, followed by the Champs-Elysees (Paris).

The roles in the play include Maggie, a gay female butcher; Andy, a white boy who was kicked out of the house and lingered on the street; Troy, a drug addict; Maynard, a black salesman named Renata at night; Carlos, an American-Dominic teacher; Edward, a closed financial advisor; Leah, a gay Jewish woman; Sarah, a transgender hippie; and Sal, a nightclub manager associated with the Mafia.

Bell said: "I feel extremely excited to represent this extremely diverse character line. They are also representatives of those who were present at Sonewall, conveyed emotion by music and art." .

Bell agreed to cooperate after Capasso came to London directly. Capasso used to write Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel performed in March at English National Opera.

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The scenes will be divided into 3 parts with a duration of more than 75 minutes, including locations around New York City, then outside the Stonewall Inn and finally in Christopher Street before dawn. There are also about 40 parts of ochestra. 1 more gramophone will play the versions Today’s The Day and Better Days Ahead.

Andrew Bidlack, who plays Andy, said: "Opera is often used to tell long or important stories, tragedies and love affairs. Stonewall is a huge event that marked the turning point of the LGBTQ movement, enough to speak of its size and importance. ”This is also the third work of City Opera's LGBTQ series, soon after Angels in America (2017) by Peter Eotvos and Brokeback Mountain by Charles Wuorinen last year.

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City Opera started operating again from January 2016 after facing financial difficulties, as well as being forced to cut more than 14 performances of 4 operas in 2017-2018 to save money for notebooks. Stonewall This time and some other small shows. Capasso said: "We are gradually recovering bit by bit and seem to be betting on it all Stonewall"Until now, Stoewall sold more than 3,500 tickets, a very good number.

Central Park Five (Anthony Davis, Richard Wesley) also opened at Long Beach Opera on June 15, the same day Fire Shut Up in My Bones (Terence Blanchard, Kasi Lemmons) debuted at the Opera Theater in St. Louis. Blue (Jeanine Tesori, Tazewell Thompson) also performed at Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown (New York) on July 14th.

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Baritone Brian James Myer, who plays Carlos, said: "Art is always a means to bring social justice, and Stonewall it is the story that needs to be conveyed to all audiences no matter what color they are ".


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