The stars are too real after waking up, Zhang Yixing is cute, Li Chen has no eyebrow heroes, Ju Jingyi is afraid that she didn't remove her makeup
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The stars are too real after waking up, Zhang Yixing is cute, Li Chen has no eyebrow heroes, Ju Jingyi is afraid that she didn’t remove her makeup

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Introduction: Stars are too real after waking up, Zhang Yixing is so cute, Li Chen has no eyebrow heroes, Ju Jingyi is afraid that she did not remove her makeup

For ordinary us, celebrities have always been in a superior state. It can be said that everyone lives in a perfect male goddess. Seeing them on the stage, making a smile in the movies, watching their acting skills improve, and watching their abilities get stronger, we are very pleased in our hearts. They are like the white moonlight when we move forward, leading us step by step towards a better tomorrow.

Of course, in addition to their very beautiful character, most people still care more about their looks. After all, one of the main reasons for their successful debut is to have an excellent temperament and good looks. So have you seen the sloppy look of bright stars after waking up? Let’s follow the editor to take a look at their true appearance after waking up.

First of all, let’s talk about Zhang Yixing, who debuted in the boy group. In the early days, Zhang Yixing gave people a very cute feeling. Do you remember him in the first issue of “Extreme Challenge”? The whole person is dumbfounded, and many netizens named him Little Sheep. Follow Huang Lei first, follow Sun Honglei and the others, slowly the little sheep turned into a wolf, revealing cautious thoughts everywhere. In one issue, the directors showed us such an eye-catching scene. That is the picture of all the members getting up. Zhang Yixing likes L to sleep very much. The exposed figure makes many girls drool. And he shouldn’t be too cute when he just wakes up, he’s just dumbfounded. Such a plain makeup can really fight!

Deng Chao is an early male god-level figure. Since his marriage with Sun Li, his idol baggage no longer exists. Especially after being on “Running Man”, this handsome old boy. Forget the burden of your own star and play with the members. In the running boy, he recorded his appearance when he just got up. The whole person seemed to be frozen. The blurred eyes and the very obvious dark circles made him look more than ten years old.

Li Chen’s relationship with Fan Bingbing was also a member of the running boys. It was a sensation at the time. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the two to break up peacefully. The appearance of him just waking up is not too fun, just like no eyebrows. Like a hero, the whole person looked devoid of energy. It’s not in line with the title of Big Black Bull he is used to in the show.

Speaking of Di Lieba as a universally recognized god of beauty, she appeared in the show very directly without makeup when she was yearning for her life. As expected, she is self-willed, and she doesn’t worry about herself at all, and she looks lacklustre without makeup. . Looking at Di Lieba’s face without makeup, she always felt more beautiful than makeup, with delicate facial features during the day. The big smart eyes make people instantly transform into lemons.

Lu Han’s appearance just waking up is also very cute, but his frizzy, sluggish hair is a qualitative leap from the exquisite on stage.

The last one to appear in the finale is the beauty Ju Jingyi, who is called a rare encounter in 4000 years. I believe many people want to see her look after waking up. As a delicate goddess, Ju Jingyi has never given black fans. Leave her subject a bit dark. So in a variety show, her plain makeup looks like this. In the picture, it can be seen that Ju Jingyi’s complexion is not as good as makeup, but there are still a lot of cautions on the whole face, and most girls should be able to see it. It turned out that she painted a light color on her eyebrows and mouth.

Let yourself look very pure and innocent. Many netizens compare with her after seeing the appearance of other actresses after getting up, and they all say this is too perfect, right? I don’t see the slightest flaw, but it makes people not believe that this is a bare face. One has to wonder if Ju Jingyi didn’t remove her makeup before going to bed? I don’t know what you think about these stars after they wake up? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area


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