The stage of THE9's new song only scored 30 points. Yu Shuxin's counterattack was too bold, and Liu Yuxin An Qi's expression changed after hearing this.

The stage of THE9’s new song only scored 30 points. Yu Shuxin’s counterattack was too bold, and Liu Yuxin An Qi’s expression changed after hearing this.

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(First issue) The female group THE9 debuted in May last year. After nearly a year of development, THE9 has become a very popular domestic top female group. Since its debut, there have been countless stages and have been loved by netizens. Among the members are Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin, Xu Jiaqi, and Yu Yan, Xie Keyin, An Qi, Zhao Xiaotang, Kong Xueer, and Lu Keran each have countless fans. Among the nine people, it has to be said that Yu Shuxin is the member with the most topics.

THE9 combination

In THE9, Liu Yuxin made his C debut with a calm personality; An Qi was voted as the captain by all members, and he was very responsible; Yu Shuxin was very stubborn when participating in “Youth with You 2”, and various topics often appeared on hot searches. It is even more known as the “xiaozuojing”, and now Yu Shuxin’s words have once again sparked controversy.

Liu Yuxin stage photo

Yu Shuxin stage photo

Kong Xueer’s stage photo

On March 20th, the girl group THE9 brought its new song “One and a half in the morning” on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Praise for the Song” program. This is also the first time THE9 has performed this song on stage. It can be seen from the stage photo program that each member has a very cool and unique style. Liu Yuxin’s gray suit and Yu Shuxin’s pink camisole are very emotional in both the stage and the style. However, THE9 is a newcomer in terms of music after all, and the new songs are often imperfect.

The creators comment on THE9’s new song

The creators comment on THE9’s new song

Liu Yuxin and Yu Shuxin listen

After the performance of THE9 “One and a half in the morning”, live music creator Fu Zihao expressed his opinion, saying that he was attracted by the style of the prelude when listening to the music fragments, but listening to the complete song did not feel as memorable as expected, Jane In other words, there is a lack of memory, and the whole song is mediocre. After the creator’s comment, Yu Shuxin gave a counterattack.

Yu Shuxin explained that she was good at music

Ansaki’s expression changes

Yu Shuxin said that the previous song was a bit earthy

Liu Yuxin squeezes sweat expression

Later, Yu Shuxin said that he first felt that this song was very good, and that he had a little knowledge in music recently, but apparently this sentence is ill-spoken, but it is too exaggerated to want to boast. After all, the master sometimes dare not say so for the sake of humility. Obviously, the surprised An Qi’s expression has changed. Then I commented on the music in the circle, first stable, then climax, and then stable. The style of this is a bit earthy. “One and a half in the morning” is very much in line with the feeling of the song that has reached its peak in my heart. While Yu Shuxin said, Liu Yuxin also sweated. It has to be said that Yu Shuxin was too daring to say it, which of course caused a wave of controversy.

THE9 new song final 30 points

Kong Xueer speaks

Kong Xueer cried

In the end, “One and a half a.m.” was scored at 30 points by many people. Seeing that the work was questioned and the super low score, Kong Xueer cried, and she was very sad to see this number of votes, because no matter whether the work liked it or not, everyone It is THE9’s work and it is also a treasure. It may not be recognized by everyone this time, but it also accepts everyone’s criticism and opinions! THE9 will continue and work harder.


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