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The Spring Festival Gala song “The Dearest” is on fire! The original author posted thanks, and I smiled when I saw Yue Yunpeng’s reply

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The Spring Festival in 2021 is coming to an end. In addition to the release of the Spring Festival movie, the discussion about the Spring Festival Gala has also become a topic after dinner. This year’s Spring Festival Gala not only saw the “fight” between Donnie Yen and Wu Jing, Andy Lau appeared in the air, and set up on the stage. A lot of new designs have been added to the show to refresh the audience. However, one of the highlights of this Spring Festival Gala is Yue Yunpeng’s “personal concert”.

As a cross talk actor, Yue Yunpeng combined cross talk with music, and used a different way to mobilize the atmosphere of the audience, instantly enlivening the audience, especially the song he sang at the end. “Dear People” even pushed the effect of the show to a climax, and this song has become popular all over the country because of Yue Yunpeng’s singing.

Many people may not have heard the song “The Closest Person” before, but because Yue Yunpeng sang it once in the spring evening, it became the hottest divine song on the whole network. The street and alleys are singing this song, then The question is, who is the author of this song? Wouldn’t it be Yue Yunpeng’s original?

Recently, the original author of this song, Lu Haitao, wrote on his personal social platform: “The Dearest Person” is on fire. Thanks to my good buddy Yue Yunpeng for bringing this song to the Spring Festival Gala and letting friends across the country know this song. , I also fulfilled my dream. I was very excited at the moment the prelude sounded. I also sang this song at this year’s Hubei Spring Festival Gala. Let’s share it with you! I wish you all the bullishness in the Year of the Ox!”

Many people may not know Lu Haitao. In fact, he has participated in the CCTV “Avenue of Stars” audition program many times, and won the weekly and monthly champions in the program. The best result is the top six of the annual finals. .

It can be seen from his article that Lu Haitao had no chance to be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, but it is also a great honor for his song to be on the Spring Festival Gala. At the same time, I would also like to thank Yue Yunpeng for bringing his song to the Spring Festival Gala so that audiences across the country can enjoy it. Hear.

Yue Yunpeng replied as soon as he saw Lu Haitao’s post: “I liked this song very much the first time I listened to it. Thank you very much to the songwriter and Haitao for bringing this very festive song to everyone. ! Have a chance to make another song.”

However, netizens ridiculed Xiao Yueyue after seeing it, “Don’t worry about copyright this time.”

Before, Yue Yunpeng had a very popular single called “Song of the Five Rings”, and this song borrowed the melody of Jiang Dawei’s “Song of Peony”. As a result, Yue Yunpeng was sued by the other party for compensation of 1.1 million, but Fortunately, the second trial of Yue Yunpeng’s “Song of the Five Rings” did not constitute an infringement, and the matter came to an end.

This time, Yue Yunpeng directly sang someone else’s song. Not only was he not sued for infringement, but he was thanked by the original author. This is really surprising. However, as a Spring Festival Gala program, it must be copyrighted, otherwise CCTV will also Be implicated.

In fact, the popularity of this song also reflects from the side that Yue Yunpeng’s popularity is no longer what it used to be. The songs sung by so many professional singers in the Spring Festival Gala can’t do a cross talk. This song is also the only one remembered by the audience. Live song. Yue Yunpeng also relied on this song to make a splash on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which once surpassed other professional singers.

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