The speed of light is off the shelves! JD's sudden release of album caused a storm

The speed of light is off the shelves! JD’s sudden release of album caused a storm

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what’s the situation?

We previously reported that JD was on the cusp of breaking news on the Internet in the past two days.

And just now, something new happened about JD.

According to a large number of readers’ contributions, JD’s new album “Mr. Low Key” is now on the music platform.

Miss Xixiaotang did see this album on the music app. I have to say that this “Mr. Low Key” is also a work that many fans have been looking forward to this year.

And the album introduction is very interesting:

“Don’t know me, know music”

After the news came out, because the time when JD released the album was on the cusp, this caused quite a lot of discussion.

However, JD himself did not promote the album when it was launched this time, it was only on the music platform.

JD’s own post is still on the previous song confession.

But only an hour later, everyone was surprised to find:

JD’s new album “Mr. Low Key” has been removed.

This is indeed beyond our expectation. Many fans already sounded it, but after hearing half of the song, they were off the shelves.

JD had already toured the album before, but when the album finally hit the shelves, it encountered such a thing.

We can’t judge whether it is JD’s voluntary delisting or the platform reason, but it is normal for JD to release the album to cause controversy.

After all, a few days ago, JD’s continuous posting directly made him the center of the topic.

At that time, he also fiercely said:


After that, JD’s last utterance was:

“I am grateful for those who love me, and for those who hate me, music is everything to me”

Obviously, JD means to devote himself to music this time.

The introduction of his new album “Don’t Know Me, Know Music” also shows his attitude again, and I hope he can do what he says. Although the release of the album at the speed of light is surprising.

But what will be the future of JD after the storm, everything is still hard to say.


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