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The Spanish La Liga is penalized for using the application to eavesdrop on fans watching pirated football

The Spanish Information Security Bureau has fined the organizing committee for the La Liga tournament of Euro 250,000 for using the official application of this football tournament to spot smuggling matches. La Liga app: This Live Soccer Scores has about 10 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store. It provides users with information, match scores and other news. According to investigators, La Liga organizers use this application to eavesdrop on the phone's microphone and, based on the location information of the phone, they can identify pubs or other places where smugglers are located. the ball of the tournament.

According to Spain's El País, La Liga organizers told the authorities that their application overhear sounds on the phone's microphone, and used the software to determine if the owner of the phone are watching football or not. Then, along with location data, the app will determine if the user is watching the ball in the bar or pub, and then determine whether the bar has a La Liga projection license (in Spain). The pubs must have a license to interpret La Liga to viewers, unlike many other countries that only need television subscribers who have paid the tournament projection rights on TV).

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And inadvertently, football fans become reluctant pointers, and not everyone knows this because rarely read all the rules for using the application and do not notice that application has revenue. audio and location data collection or not.

La Liga reacted to the Spanish government's decision, saying that in the regulations there was information about the application using the microphone and the location search feature to "know where the football is playing and from there. discovering which locations perform unauthorized presentation behavior ”, and they also said that users must agree to tick the box that allows the application to eavesdrop, this feature will be enabled.

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However, the Spanish Information Security Bureau determined that La Liga did not specifically inform users about this feature, thereby seriously violating the application user privacy, based on privacy laws. and transparency of the European Union, along with the requirement to remove the application before June 30.

Earlier, La Liga BTC was also very strong in clearing piracy. They work with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even use their own tools to find sites that stream illegal football on the internet.


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