Un chien est la mascotte de soumission assurance vie

The SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca team has found a mascot!

st_title = “The SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca team has found a mascot!”

A dog is the life insurance quote mascot
Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance products at the best price.

SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca, “The No.1 comparator in life insurance in Quebec”, has always been committed to the defense of animals and is a staunch supporter of this noble cause.

For more than ten years, SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca has saved a number of abandoned kittens outside in the bitter cold of our winters, completely on their own, without water, without food. This is why we have installed heated shelters during the winter, where stray cats will take refuge, who also find something to eat.

We also donated the sum of $ 500 to the SPA so that it could save the life of a dog it had just taken in, a poor dog that had been beaten and left for dead. This is of course onlyone example among many others of concrete actions carried out by SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca in order to help the too many cats and dogs who, without us, would surely die..

Chloe, a magnificent Australian Shepherd now part of our “family”, is further proof of the effectiveness of our commitment. Roughly summarized, let’s say that this bitch was “lucky” to be put up for adoption after the authorities dismantled what unfortunately is called a “puppy mill”.

Since, Chloé is part of the SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca family. She is an active and full member of the team, and each of her members takes care of her well-being… and vice versa! Needless to say, her mere presence makes employees happy, smiling, and that they are proud to be able to count on this loyal friend within their team.

SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca therefore takes care of animals, these little animals who need us so much… as we also need them!

Have you experienced some interesting and / or funny “animal” anecdotes and would like to share them? So don’t hesitate, and write to us to tell us about your experience that we will then publish in our blog.

Come on, take your feathers, we can’t wait to read you!

st_title = “The SoumissionAssuranceVie.ca team has found a mascot!”

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