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“The Soul of Tsushima” reinterprets the spirit of the samurai in the American way

When it comes to Japanese culture, people generally think of ninjas or samurai.

As for why you think of samurai, it is largely because they are handsome enough, but this does not satisfy the fantasy of samurai in this group of two people, so an American game studio called Sucker Punch decided to make a samurai theme. Game, it is “The Soul of Tsushima”.

We are fortunate to get the trial qualification in advance this time. Let’s talk about our conclusion first: “Soul of Umashima” is an open-world game that can satisfy your ultimate fantasy of a Japanese samurai. It can bring you close to the original. The original samurai style action scene can also take you to appreciate the very beautiful scenery of the island.

Friends who pay attention to the game field should have an impression of this game. It initially released its first trailer at the E3 game show in 2018, and it was not decided to officially release it until two years later.

The trailer screen at that time ▼

During this period, people saw the ninja with a knife in “Wolf: Shadows Die Twice” and also experienced the cruel shogun world in the American drama “Western World”.

Now the pressure is on the side of “The Soul of Tsushima”. What ability does this PS4 exclusive game stand out from among Japanese-style games and movies?

The answer is to make it more authentic.

This game is thoroughly Japanese style from beginning to end, you can’t see that this is a game produced by an American studio, everything is designed in accordance with the Japanese style, there is no Westerner like Eastern elements. Stereotypes.

This will cause the player to have a strong sense of substitution. Imagine that I am the main character, Jingjing Ren, and fight against the invading Mongolians.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our detailed evaluation of “The Soul of Umashima”.

“The Soul of Tsushima” is a typical open world game, that is, a sandbox game. R Star’s “GTA5” and Ubisoft’s big ticket games all use the open world, so this is not new. Too.

However, “The Soul of Umashima” tells the story of the 13th century Mongolians invading Japan to Umashima. The protagonist, as a samurai, mainly relies on a samurai sword to defeat the enemy. There is no sandbox game of this style on the market.

Speaking of samurai swords, this is also the main weapon of the main character Sakurai. Unlike other cold weapon fighting games, with the advancement of the game’s plot, the protagonist can have a total of four different postures, namely, rock, water, blast and moon.

These four postures have different knife positions, which are used to fight against swordsmen, shields, spearmen and violent soldiers. When fighting the enemy, you need to constantly switch your posture to effectively fight the enemy.

Many people will compare it with “Wolf: Shadows Die Twice”, but I can say responsibly here that “The Soul of Ushima” does not have the same hard-core difficulty as the former, but when parrying the enemy The error tolerance rate is still relatively low, and playing on the downstream of ordinary difficulty belongs to the “challenging” level. If you find it difficult, you can switch to simple difficulty.

In addition to samurai swords, Sakai can also use bows, poison needles, smoke bombs and other weapons to fight against the enemy. Different armor also has different advantages.

So, if you want to attack from the front or from behind, you have the final say.

This is also a big game of “The Soul of Tsushima”. When you meet the Mongols, you can actively choose “Face” to face up, and then hold down the triangle key, and wait for the moment when the Mongols attack. Can kill with a knife.

With the upgrade of skills and armor, after the success of the confrontation, you can kill three enemies in three consecutive seconds. It is very refreshing and a bit like the samurai movie.

If it is a normal battle, the difficulty will increase immediately. Beware of enemy attacks at all times, because the enemy can also cut you into residual blood with a knife, so you must parry or avoid in time.

The way to return blood in the game is very simple, that is, use “determination”, every time you kill the enemy will get determination, use determination can restore a certain amount of life, the number of determination use will continue to increase with the progress of subsequent games.

One thing that is more friendly to players is that after upgrading related skills, they can parry an attack that could not parry, which can improve some fault tolerance.

In addition, it is a must-have element of a sandbox game, such as a large number of side missions, random events everywhere, liberation stronghold unlock map, etc., it is difficult to make people think of a potato server company. . .

Fortunately, the side missions of “The Soul of Horse Island” are also very hard. Each legendary mission even has a specially made opening animation. The plot is also remarkable, which makes up for the fatigue of the side mission of the sandbox game. .

Another major feature of the game is the guidance system. On Duma Island, it is “wind” that guides you to the specified location. As long as you slide the touchpad above the PS4 handle, the wind will be visible to the naked eye and the direction of the wind. Is the direction you are going.

This is a very innovative and poetic design. If you get lost, just follow the wind.

The story of “Soul of Tsushima” is based on historical events. In one sentence, it can be said that the Mongolians invaded Qima Island and kidnapped the uncle of the protagonist Jingjingren. As a warrior, Jingjingren will rescue the uncle and defeat the Mongolians. Take back the island of Tsushima.

Shimashima is also real, right in the middle of Fukuoka, Japan and Busan, South Korea.

Although the plot is simple, the process is very tortuous.

Because there are so many people in the Mongolian army, Jingjingren cannot rely on the existing power to defeat the Mongolians, so he begins to learn skills other than samurai, that is, poisoning, smoke bombs, or assassination skills.

Someone has to ask here, is the main character Jingjingren not a samurai? There is no such thing as a ninja. There is no spirit of samurai. . .

This is the biggest point of conflict in the plot. Because the Mongols are too strong, the samurai sword can’t be beaten on the front, but as a warrior, Sakaijin didn’t want to violate the samurai’s belief at the same time, and was killing the Mongols. Go farther and farther.

Jingjing Ren sometimes remembers his teenage experience ▼

As Jingjingren became stronger and stronger, he gave a new name to the people and the Mongolians on the island of Ma-War Ghost, this is the origin of the game name, Jingjingren is like the ghost on this island , Unexpectedly defeated the enemy, silently guarding the island.

The protagonist has also met many allies on the island, such as the thief but trustworthy Chennai, the rogue Longsan who has known for many years and later joined the Dosa Gang, raised Yujingren from an early age and taught him to make poison needle Yuriko, etc. They provided a lot of help on the way the protagonist defeated the Mongols, and also enriched the plot, to a certain extent, weakened the shortcomings of the loose sandbox game plot.

“The Soul of Umashima” is also very important, that is, the whole game is full of strong Japanese art style, whether it is picture or music, we strive to create an outright Japanese-style open world game.

The production team also added a lot of Zen-like designs to this open world. In addition to using the wind as a navigation, a golden bird will appear in the game. If you follow this bird all the time, then it will Leading you to an undiscovered location may be a new mission or new equipment.

If you encounter a fox on the road, you can also try to follow the fox, it will take you to an Inari Shrine, visit the three shrines to unlock a new amulet field.

You can also try to find a bamboo factory to chop bamboo, and you can increase your determination by completing three hits.

In addition, you can soak in the hot springs, and every time you find a new hot spring, you can increase your life limit.

Do you feel intimate here? This is not all, you can even come to the designated location to create haiku. . .

Haiku is written in advance in the game, you just need to pick the three sentences you like.

In order to make “The Soul of Umashima” perfectly represent the Japanese classic samurai movie, there is also a “Blackpool Mode” in the game. After opening, the game screen will become black and white, and the film of the old movie is also simulated Picture quality.

Even the sound has changed, the sound of the game will be less clear, and there will be a little noise from time to time.

Turn on the black mode first, then turn on the high contrast, and then return to the game, the feeling of the old movie is almost overflowing the screen.

If you like to watch old movies or sword halberd movies, the biggest difference between “The Soul of Tsushima” and Kurosawa movie is that you can only watch it through the screen before, now you can become part of the sword and sword sword. .

The elements that make Soul of Tsushima is full of artistic atmosphere are more than that. When you start or end a main line mission, the words “Benevolence” appear on the screen.

When it reaches the side mission, it will become “Ukiyo-e”.

When Jingjing Ren needs to fight one-on-one with the enemy, there will be an animation that immediately makes people nervous, and instantly makes people fall in love with the thick samurai style.

Pull the knife! ▼

When you ride through a large field of reeds, you can feel a moment of peace in the war.

The elements that make Art of the Soul of Tsushima is far more than that. Even without them, the scenery on the island alone is enough to appreciate for a while, whether it is golden fallen leaves, red maple leaves or pink cherry blossoms, passing them Time is a visual enjoyment.

When you pass by a beautiful scenery, remember to record it with the feature-rich camera in the game. If you buy “Soul of Tsushima”, remember to take pictures frequently during the game, there will be surprises.

Now, “The Soul of Tsushima” takes the title of Ninth Art even further.

Finally, let’s talk about the inadequacy, but we still have to go back to the sandbox game.

The main story is scattered, the branch tasks are numerous, and the running time is long. It is not the shortcomings of sandbox games. It is better to say that sandbox games are originally like this, because looking at the vast majority of open world games on the market, even if they are done very well The good “Big Wilderness: Redemption 2” will inevitably distribute this problem between tasks.

The first time I go to a place far away, I can only ride horses past

But this does not mean that they are advantages, they are even more characteristic of sandbox games.

These characteristics are difficult to break away from the sandbox game for a while, so it is actually a good idea to use a unique entry point and artistic style to weaken everyone’s dislike of sandbox games, such as “Soul of the Island”. idea.

After all, it requires freedom and a compact and smooth narrative. It seems that there are not many games in this market. . .

If you are a sandbox game lover or a landscape lover, then “Soul of Tsushima” must be for you. If you are a person who is very interested in Japanese culture and samurai culture, and want to personally experience the sword and sword in old movies, then this game is definitely not to be missed.

As for the narrative, we believe that “The Soul of the Horse Island” tells an uncomplicated story, which is basically the story of Jingjingren’s gathering of helpers and killing the leaders of the Mongols to avenge the dead.

And, at the end of the game, you have a choice.

Scarlet Sun ▼

The article also mentioned at the beginning that this is a Japanese-style game produced by an American studio. But in fact, this is not surprising, because for the Japanese themselves, there is no need to move the traditional culture into the game intact, they already know it well.

But from the perspective of foreigners, including us as foreigners, these Japanese cultures are still very attractive to us. We want to experience the original culture. I believe this is one of the reasons for the birth of “The Soul of Tsushima”.

However, it is different for Japanese people. They prefer to play games based on existing cultures, rather than continue to maintain the level of traditional culture. This is also a big difference between Japanese games and European and American games.

However, it is precisely because people in different countries have different perspectives on culture, that is why games like “The Soul of Tsushima” will allow players from all over the world to experience the authentic Japanese culture and wonderful scenery.

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