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The solution is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features for vehicles not available

The old cars, or the low-end segment are rolling almost no Apple Carplay or Android Auto features available. But with the convenient features that Apple Carplay or Android Auto bring, the car accessory makers have made additional devices for older cars to be able to use this feature.

This article will introduce you to some types of add-on devices that integrate Apple Carplay and Android Auto for old cars, or new cars but are not equipped with this feature. These products are also popular in foreign countries in recent years, but for some reason, in Vietnam, they are not very popular, and many new cars are also missing this feature.

1) Solution to add an integrated Video interface to Apple CarPlay / Android auto for cars with infotainment screens.

  • In the world of car accessories, the interface is the name of a device commonly used to receive and transmit video signals attached to the outside. Understand that it is a device that can decode the external signals and make the car understand the information, that information will be displayed on the car's screen, or shorter than makes the car understand the information about external video or images.
  • Used more with vehicles mounted reverse camera, hinged camera or 360-degree camera. And thanks to the development of technology, there are now integrated interfaces that always feature Apple Carplay / Android Auto inside, and transmit those images to the car screen like a built-in feature. .
  • Designed as a Module and hidden inside the vehicle, the common interface device will be mounted in the middle of the signal line from the vehicle to the central control head (HeadUnit). And usually designed specifically for each type of vehicle to be able to simply install jack is finished, no need to cut the original wiring of the car.
  • Manufacturers of these devices often come from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and mainly for European models, because European cars are mostly equipped or supported with a screen. entertainment on the car. There are a number of brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche …
  • This type of equipment has an average price from $ 300 to more than $ 600 depending on the brand and extra features attached. But it is basically the same but only different brands.

Basically, there is only one Module interface like this, with this type of NAVIKS suitable for those without central control buttons, there is an additional multidirectional control button to control the operation on the screen form. The price of this type is about $ 275.

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Similar to the above, this one does not have a button that comes with a control button, but will be used with the control system available on the car. The price of this product ranges from more than $ 200 to over $ 600 depending on different models. Tinhte will soon hand this product to you for reference.

2) The solution replaces the central monitor, or the central control cluster with a new system

  • This is the most common way to talk about mid-range cars in the market, because the original system of mid-range cars usually has nothing but air-conditioning adjustment buttons, time display screens or information with small size. I see a lot of cars have replaced the original, and add a touch screen with a larger size, more features with prices from about 4 to over 10tr VND in Vietnam.
  • Just like those external monitors, there are other types of screens equipped with Apple Carplay / Android Auto features, with the price I see on their websites also range from $ 300 to about $ 700 depending on each brand product.
  • This is a type of screen that integrates the entertainment system inside. Manufactured with a variety of vehicles and mounted on vehicles with single or double DIN design.
  • There are many brands that produce this kind of device, but stand out that you might have heard of the name Pioneer, or Alpine, Sony, Kenwood, JVC. I will attach the image as well as the reference selling price I took from Amazon for your reference.
  • In Vietnam, if you need to upgrade, you can buy and install yourself in garage that you trust.

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With the two forms that I introduced above, going with it is many models with many different features, as well as many different brands, there will be many options for you if you intend to replace the entertainment system. Basic by car. To be able to choose a model you should first consult your place or repair your car to hear them share about the installation process. And for new cars, it is also necessary to consult with the company about the warranty of the car if the equipment is changed like this.

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