Snapdragon 855 achieves security certification for encryption, payment and eSIM functions: NSX does not need to make its own security chip for smartphones - Photo 1.

The Snapdragon 855 chip has security certification, which can handle encryption, payment and eSIM functions

Qualcomm's highest-end SoC, Snapdragon 855, has attained Common Criteria EAL-4 +, making it the first recognized SoC to deliver the same security features as smart cards. This certification will allow manufacturers to use Snapdragon 855 chips as the only secure storage area for applications such as payment IDs, encryption keys, and eSIM management, ie they do not have to use one child. separate security chips.

Before having the above certificate, phone manufacturers need to integrate a separate security chip into the phone. The chip will serve as a secure area to store sensitive data such as payment IDs and encryption keys, while meeting the most stringent security requirements in Gatekeeper and Google's StrongBox. Of course, the capabilities of the Snapdragon 855 chip are not limited to the current use cases. This chip can now be used as a security repository for applications such as travel cards (for public transport), Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), encrypted wallet types, and much more.

With Common Criteria EAL-4 + certification, companies theoretically only need SoC Snapdragon 855 and do not have to integrate any other separate chips for security purposes. As a result, they can save on material costs, have more free space (even very small) inside the phone. And although the devices already sold with the 855 chip and a separate security chip will not enjoy the benefits mentioned above (this certification still applies to them), this will be good news for devices. The new 855 is about to go into production and also the next generation chip-running phones in the Snapdragon 800 series, which will also receive similar certification.

Reference: AndroidCentral

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