The simple way to transfer data from Android to iPhone
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The simple way to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Backing up contacts, syncing music, videos, photos, etc. takes a lot of time when switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, but now it has become so simple. Please refer to the detailed instructions below.

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Backup calendar, email, contacts

Although the iPhone runs on iOS, a completely different operating system from Android, it is still quite compatible with the Google account. All you need to do is log in to your Gmail account on your iPhone to continue using the essential Google services.

To do this, follow these steps on iPhone: Select Setting > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > More account > Google and login with your Gmail information and password. You will then be asked to select the services you want to synchronize, including: Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Note. The remaining task is now extremely simple, just press the slider on the service you want and wait for the settings to be set.

Click Mail, Contacts, CalendarClick Add account

Click GoogleGmail account

If you save contacts in the memory of an Android device, you can still transfer this data to iPhone. Most Android phones can export the stored contact information as a file vCard (.VCF). The first thing to do is you have to find the option Export (Export) on your Android smartphone. Depending on the Android device used, this feature may be located at different locations. Usually, this option is related to the settings in the Contacts application. If you select this function, the output file will be stored in the internal memory of your Android device.

Select Import and ExportExport to internal storage

Next, you send the file vCard into personal email (You can install additional file management applications like ASTRO or ES File Explorer on Android to attach files to your mail) and open with Phonebook on iPhone. After completing this step, you can view or import individual contacts contained in the vCard file.

Send vCard to personal emailOpen vCard with contacts

Backup text messages and call logs

Transferring text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone is a fairly complicated process. To do this, you need to use a phone manager that is compatible with both operating systems.

You can use the software Moborobo (very easy to confuse with Mobogenie). This is the software that helps successfully transfer text messages from Android phones to iPhones.

Download and install Moborobo software on your computer.

MoboRobo interface

Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB. You pay attention to enable the mode USB debugging, in section Developer options on Android devices.

Connect Android phone

On Moborobo interface, select the tab Data. Section Message management, you choose All then go to section Import Export > Export all > Export .XML (Other types of data XML will not be accepted by the iPhone database).


Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB and import the newly created XML file.

Enter .XML

Enter .XML

After the iPhone restarts, you will see all the Android messages will fit into the default Messages application of your device.

The process of backing up call history from Android to iPhone is even more difficult. You need to have a jailbroken iPhone device. First, you can use Moborobo on your computer to export Android phone logs as text (.TXT) or Excel (.XLS), or use the Call Logs Backup & Restore application on Android to send the calendar. Call history in an XML file. Next, perform the same step as step 4 above and wait for the “miracle” to come.

Backup multimedia data

Transferring data by copying and pasting is an incorrect perspective. The reason is because the multimedia library on iOS is managed through the iTunes software. You can download this software easily and for free from the official Apple website.

Then, you transfer the data of photos and videos to iPhone:

First, copy photos and videos from your Android device (usually in DCIM drive) into an empty directory on the computer. You connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and turn on iTunes (if it does not start automatically).

Turn on iTunes

In the iPhone tab (upper right corner of iTunes) you choose Photos then tick Sync Photos, Include Video from the saved folder on the computer and press the button Apply (bottom right).

Click Apply

You must not disconnect iPhone until the synchronization is completed and the data is completely transferred to the device.

In addition, you can also use some simpler methods than storing photos and videos with cloud applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive on Android or iCloud on a Mac or software iCloud Control Panel on Windows and use similar apps on iPhone to sync stored data. However, these ways often depend heavily on network speed and the amount of storage space you have on cloud applications.

Use iCloud Control Panel on Windows to transfer photos

If you want to backup songs from your Android device to your iPhone, you need to copy the songs to a separate folder on your computer. You include these songs in your iTunes library by: Selecting the tab File > Add File to Library (or press Ctr + O) and select all the songs in the folder you just archived.

Add File to Library

You connect your iPhone to the computer via USB. In the music library, to add each song individually you find the option section Add to Besides favorite songs and add to iPhone. Or, you come in iPhone tab iTunes and select Sync to sync multiple tracks at once.

Add each song individually

Add more songs

Back up Google apps

In fact, Google’s applications not only work on the Android platform but are also developed on the iOS operating system. Therefore, if you are used to Google Maps and Google Chrome you can still download them to replace the application Apple Maps and the default Safari browser.

Backup bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, IE to Safari

Apple’s iCloud Control Panel software is capable of synchronizing bookmarks between browsers quite well. Therefore, you can use them to do this very easily.

Backup bookmarks

Good luck!


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