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The shooting schedule of Wang Junkai’s new drama is exposed, and his partner acting as Zhang Yi, the character set attracts hot discussion from netizens

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Speaking of TFBOYS, everyone is no stranger to it. It can be said to be an iconic combination of this era. After the members developed separately in the first two years, Wang Junkai and Yi Yang Qianxi began to transform into actors, and each of them also made a lot of plays. After the filming of “Broken Bridge” was over, Wang Junkai was recently revealed that he was about to join the group. The challenge was still a suspenseful TV series, and the character set aroused heated discussion among netizens.

It is reported that the TV series that Wang Junkai took over is called “The Gate of Rebirth”, which mainly tells the story of the hidden secrets that surfaced many years ago in the process of detecting the case. In this TV series, Wang Junkai will partner with acting Zhang Yi as a talented law student. However, the setting of this role is not so simple. In addition to being a genius student, his parents are all legendary thieves, and it is also destined that the life of this role will not be too ordinary.

After Wang Junkai debuted as TFBOYS, he has always been at the forefront, probably because of his age and captain. But in recent years, Wang Junkai’s development momentum has slowed down significantly, and he has been surpassed by artists of the same type in many aspects. The main reason is that there is no outstanding work. It has been almost four years since Wang Junkai was admitted to Nortel, and none of the films he filmed was released. The TV series only starred in “Tiankeng Eagle Hunting”, which shows that the situation is not very good.

There is currently no outstanding performance in the film industry. If Wang Junkai turns to the field of TV dramas, it may usher in a new turning point. In “Gate of Rebirth”, although Wang Junkai is not the leading role, he still has a lot of weight. Moreover, following Zhang Yi’s acting, he can gain a lot of things. For actors, it is best to be recognized in two areas of film and television, but it is already a good thing to be able to make achievements in one area.

TFBOYS will eventually disband, and the three little ones will change from a companion to an opponent. With the prosperous career of Yi Yang Qianxi, it is impossible for Wang Junkai to always fall into the file of works. More exposure of works should be the top priority for Wang Junkai’s team.

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