The Seven Monsters Live and Die Together, “New Douluo Continent” “Group Soul” expansion pack is online today

After the spirit masters continued to burn their souls for many days, “New Douluo Continent” finally ushered in the March 19th “Group Soul” expansion: working together, the sects and the evil eye tyrants; deep brotherhood, history A total of seven ghost souls are formed by the Lake group soul; the dragon will rise for nine days, the first SS+ soul spirit-the giant dragon golden language comes to the Douluo mainland!

Hurry up and follow in the footsteps of the Shrek Seven Devils and take a look at the exciting content of the new information!

“Group Soul” expansion pack benefits, log in to receive benefits

Day 1: Diamond 500+ Necklace Breakthrough Stone*150+ Necklace Strengthening Element (Orange)*100;

Login day 2: Diamond 300+ necklace 3 choose 1 gift box*30+ Oscar premium sausage*2;

Login day 3: Diamond 300+ Wuhun jade*5000+ Gold soul coin 200,000.

For more benefits, please log in to experience the game!

The first SS+ Soul is on the stage, and the dragon’s golden language ignites the audience

Jinyu gradually evolved into a true dragon under the influence of the original owner, the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. Legend has it that even after thousands of years of slumber, they can still identify the blood of the original owner and guard their offspring.

Compared to SS spirits, SS+ spirits have more powerful attributes. The first SS+ soul spirit-the dragon golden language, can provide extremely powerful combat support for the team.

[Ultimate move·Golden Dragon Blast]: The Golden Dragon Blast casts the Golden Dragon Blast, which causes the attack and does not restore energy. The spell damage is divided among all enemy targets. This damage will cause four times the damage to the shield and paralyze all the injured enemies. After the paralysis ends, the enemy’s attack speed and movement speed will be reduced by a certain percentage, and will slowly recover within a period of time. Paralyzed, an additional layer of crushing effect is added to reduce the opponent’s damage reduction effect, riot rate, physical and magic defense by a certain percentage, and lasts for a period of time. (Paralysis: Makes the character unable to attack and move.) After the big move is released, a large number of non-player battle damage percentages of the whole team will be increased, which can last for a period of time.

[Inheritance Skill·Claw of Nation]: Every certain time, use the Claw of Golden Dragon of Nation to release the Golden Dragon Claw of Nation to the two enemy targets with the lowest attack blood volume, causing a lot of physical damage and reducing the opponent’s double defense and suffering by a certain percentage. Hit to restore energy for a period of time.

The power of “Group Soul” is bursting, and the new gameplay tyrant’s lair is online

With the launch of the “Group Soul Expansion” of “New Douluo Mainland”, the new gameplay “Tyrant’s Lair” will also officially debut, and the time to truly test the power of the “Group Soul” has arrived~

The team level is ≥72 to open the gameplay, and the soul master can enter the “tyrant’s lair” in the sect scene.

The evil eye tyrant ruler in the novel ranks second in the top ten fierce beasts. It is a very powerful and brutal soul beast. I believe that every old fan of Douluo Continent has a deep impression of it. But this time, the evil eye tyrant invaded Douluo Continent, and all the partners of each sect will go deep into the tyrant’s lair to challenge it.

Tyrant’s Lair is played in four weeks as a season. At the beginning of each season, all sects will be assigned to multiple bronze rank rooms. The higher the damage the sect members cause to the Evil Eye Tyrant, the higher the ranking in the room. According to the ranking of the sect in the current room every night, it is decided whether the sect is to be promoted, descended or kept in the current rank. After the rank is settled, the reward settlement will be carried out according to the rank of the Zongmen. In addition, after the season ends, the season rewards will be settled according to the player’s final rank.

All sects need to work together to cause a lot of damage to the evil eye tyrant, so that the whole sect can get higher honors and more rewards~

Looking for the strongest “group soul” memory, the new event Shrek group soul debuts

The new “Group Soul” event in “New Douluo Continent”-Shrek Group Soul, will start on March 20th. You can participate when the team level is ≥12.

During the event, the soul master can complete daily tasks, unlock puzzle pieces, and get a random number of diamond rewards for each puzzle completed. There are four areas in the puzzle. Completing a whole area puzzle can also get regional rewards. After completing all the puzzles, there will be more super prizes waiting for everyone!

The spirit of the “Tuan Soul” has reached a climax. Hurry up and invite your friends to join the “Tuan Soul” expansion pack of “New Douluo Mainland” and fight with Shrek!


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