The Secretary of the Navy apologized for insulting the dismissed warship commander
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The Secretary of the Navy apologized for insulting the dismissed warship commander

The sailors applauded the warship who lost his position because he called for help on Covid-19
The US Navy Secretary apologizes for insulting the dismissed warship commander - 1

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly (Image: AFP)

Follow AFP, in a speech to USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier sailors on the morning of April 6, US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly criticized the former aircraft carrier commander, Brett Crozier, as “naive, silly.” in operating or deliberately leaking the media for help because of the uncontrolled spread of the Covid-19 epidemic on board.

Modly also criticized Mr Crozier for “betraying” and “deliberately creating public opinion” by spreading the warning about the Covid-19 epidemic on USS Theodore Roosevelt.

However, Modly later apologized for the statements when senior members of the House of Representatives Military Committee called for his resignation.

“Let me make this clear. I don’t think Mr. Brett Crozier is naive or silly. I think and I always believe the opposite. We carefully select the aircraft carrier commanders. Mr. Crozier is a smart and enthusiastic person. I just thought he sent a warning letter to draw public attention to his ship. I’m sorry for this misunderstanding, ”said Modly.

Mr. Modly also apologized directly to Mr. Crozier personally. “Mr. Crozier and his family, as well as the US Navy, are committed to helping the USS Theodore Roosevelt return to normal and continue to set sail for us to overcome this difficult period,” he said.

Mr Crozier was sacked last week after he wrote a letter to ask the Navy for the uncontrolled spread of the Covid-19 epidemic on a ship carrying nearly 5,000 people under his command. The letter has been widely published in the media and Mr. Crozier has been criticized for not complying with information security regulations as well as lack of expertise in responding to the situation. Acting Navy Secretary Modly said that Crozier’s warnings were “shortsighted”.

As of April 6, at least 173 USS crewmen Theodore Roosevelt had Covid-19, including Mr. Crozier. About 2,000 sailors aboard were evacuated and the ship is currently anchored off Guam.

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