The secret to using a safe phone when driving a car should everyone know

The secret to using a safe phone when driving a car should everyone know

Using your phone while you are driving is like holding a silent “killer” in your palm.

One hand using a phone, one hand driving – “Murderer” silently

The National Traffic Safety Committee recently published the results of a research with alarming numbers. Accordingly, the research team conducted a survey on 210,000 people who use the device regularly to use the phone while driving, in the city area. Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong.

The results showed that the group of people using the phone while driving a vehicle accounted for the highest proportion with truck drivers with 50%, the driver group with cars (4 seats and 7 seats) accounted for 39%, followed by the driver group. bus / bus accounted for 37%, the lowest is the group of motorbike drivers only 8%. 24% of respondents in the interview group had a traffic accident while using a phone while driving as well, 8% answered yes. More than 50% of the respondents said that they still have good control when using the phone while driving at the same time. However, in fact, the research team conducted experiments on car screen, the results showed that the probability of a traffic accident is 3 times higher.

The situation of using hands using the phone while driving is increasingly common

The situation of using hands using the phone while driving is increasingly common

Because holding a phone or using a phone while driving, drivers usually operate the vehicle with only one hand. Many drivers also use both hands to dial the phone. And in this case, they often use the elbows to control the steering wheel. This is extremely dangerous behavior. Because when not using both hands to control the steering wheel, the driver will not be able to handle it in time if an unexpected situation occurs, easily leading to loss of steering, collision, even accident.

The driver will not be able to handle it in time when an unexpected situation occursThe driver will not be able to handle it in time when an unexpected situation occurs

Not only the potential for an accident, endangering yourself and those around you, driving while using your mobile phone may also be subject to a fine of from VND 600,000 to VND 800,000 according to Point I, Clause 3, Article 5, Decree 46 of the Government. In case of accident, the driver will be deprived of the right to use the driving license for 2 to 4 months.

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Car phone holder – a safe solution for using your phone while driving

Although there are many unpredictable dangers, potentially punishable by law, but the reality is hard to deny, the demand for using mobile phones while driving is always high. In the era of technology 4.0, phones not only provide the function of listening – calling as before, but they are integrated with many gadgets, a lot of support in work, entertainment and life of each person.

In particular, for car drivers in general, smartphones seem to have become a powerful support tool. With just the phone, we can communicate, connect with the “outside world”, can view the location, can view the map, find the shortest path, avoid hot spots stuck … phones, we can listen to music, we can listen to the radio, listen to news … so that each long journey is less boring. Catching that demand, many phone holder products were born. These brackets help fix the phone in a certain position in the car, which the driver can easily view and manipulate on the phone screen. In the current high-end car phone holder products, Ohoyo Car Car Holder – Car Universal Holder has received a lot of positive reviews.

Ohoyo Car Car Holder Bracket - Car Universal HolderOhoyo Car Car Holder Bracket – Car Universal Holder

This smartphone holder helps fix your phone in a car. From there you can easily operate on the phone without having to hold the phone in your hand. The first benefit is also the most important when using this phone holder that is safety. With the stand, you can enjoy many features and entertainment utilities on the phone, but still ensure control with the steering wheel with two hands.

Instead of before, if you need to view navigation and maps every time, you have to hold a phone and a steering wheel in one hand. Now, everything is a lot simpler, the phone is fixed on the holder right at your sight. You can glance at your hands whenever you do not need to leave the steering wheel. In case of an unexpected situation, you still have enough capacity and time to handle.

Use racks to help drive saferUse racks to help drive safer

The second benefit is easy manipulation. It is more difficult to handle a phone with one handle while holding the phone at the same time, and it takes more time. Sometimes accidentally dropped the phone can drop the phone, lightly scratched, heavy can damage. And in particular, there is a potentially dangerous situation. When you are driving while the phone is dropped on the floor, if you bend down to pick up, even a few seconds, but it can lead to unfortunate incidents.

When using the phone holder in a car, you don’t need to hold the phone in your hand, so all operations will be easier and faster. You can customize the location – view the map; hands-free conversation such as through hands-free listening or speakerphone; enlist checking mail, messages or surfing Facebook while the traffic lights are red; tune music, tune radio …

Working on the phone is easier and fasterWorking on the phone is easier and faster

Not only that, with this phone holder, you can also turn your phone into a journey camera, recording the journey to explore all your routes. In addition, you can also livestream, video call with relatives, friends … The third benefit of equipping racks is not violating traffic laws. The phone is already fixed on the holder, so you will not violate the laws of using the phone to operate the vehicle. I think that, with the great benefits above, this car phone holder is absolutely worth the presence on my car and yours.

Review of Ohoyo Car Phone Holder

Why is there so much of the phone holder on the market today, I choose Ohoyo – Car Universal Holder in the car smartphone holder? The answer is Ohoyo’s powerful double vacuum technology. If you notice, you will see the phone holder on cars is in the vacuum group on the market, most of which is only in the conventional vacuum form. That is only fixed by pressing hard on the surface of the grip. This makes many people think that it is quite loose and feel nervous, afraid to drive into rough roads, bumpy roads, or when braking sharply, the bracket and the phone are easy to fall.

But with Ohoyo Car Car Holder, Ohoyo used the dual-suction technology. In addition to the vacuum layer below, the stand also has a locking latch on top, which helps secure the two floors, ensuring a firm grip on the surfaces.

Ohoyo has strong dual lock technologyOhoyo has strong dual lock technology

Ohoyo vacuum soles are treated by high technology, capable of tight suction and durable suction. You can use it for a long time without worrying about losing its ability to remove as much as other conventional vacuum mounts. In particular, Ohoyo’s vacuum sole can also withstand water. If the sole is dirty, you can rinse it with water without worrying about the possibility of suction being affected. Ohoyo vacuum soles can be absorbed on many different surfaces, such as on taplo, on the glass or workbench … You can optionally choose the location of the mounting bracket so that it is most convenient and convenient.

The soleplate can be washed with waterThe soleplate can be washed with water

In addition to the vacuum-mount base, Ohoyo – Car Universal Holder smart car phone stand also features a sturdy structure. Rack made from high quality plastic material. The support face is connected to the stand via a secure four-pin buckle. On the 360-degree rotating base, you can easily rotate your phone in different directions.

Rack has a 360-degree rotating shaftRack has a 360-degree rotating shaft

The surface of Ohoyo is designed with two arms and two legs. Supporting arms can be flexibly increased or decreased in size from 51 mm to 98 mm. With this size, the bracket is suitable for use with most current phones, including phones with large screens such as Iphone plus, Samsung Galaxy S … Two feet arranged below, can Compact when not needed. On the support side of the stand is also a soft cushion, which increases friction, helps protect the phone, prevents jolting, scratching the phone.

Support surface can increase or decrease the sizeSupport surface can increase or decrease the size

In the price range of VND 400,000 to VND 500,000, Ohoyo – Car Universal Holder is a good choice for those who are looking for a beautiful, luxurious design, It has many utility features.

Beware when buying cheap car phone holder

On the market, there are now “countless numbers” of mobile phone racks. Besides quality products, there are many cheap items, widely sold. Not only the price of Ohoyo but also many other famous brands are also sophisticatedly counterfeited. From designs to packaging, features are “reproduced just like the real thing”. However, the quality and durability are hard to “just like the real”.

Surfing on Facebook, typing a few keywords, I found countless pages selling car phone racks. However, nearly half are sites selling very cheap prices, surprisingly cheap. I wonder, with the price including profits, how can a producer produce such a product? Typically the bracket in the image below. Looking at the eye-catching design rack looks very sturdy, but the price is only 65,000 VND. I wonder how such a sturdy and beautiful stand only costs 65,000 VND?

The stand looks very solid but only costs 65,000 VNDThe stand looks very solid but only costs 65,000 VND

On the same sales page, I saw a comment from a customer named Nguyen M. Vuong rating on the product: “It looks very nice on the picture, but it looks extremely cheap, very loose, If you smoke a few times it will be like running out of power. It is true that your money. Should not buy. ” Below is another comment by a guest named Vo M. Dang: “Unlike the picture, I really don’t want to receive the goods, but I think I don’t have much money, I love the delivery. Should boycott the shop like that. “

Similar to the above page, I also found another page with a very “arrogant” name specializing in auto accessories. This site sells phone racks for 90,000 VND with ads that can be mounted on mirrors and taplo, modern vacuum technology. The image depicted is very beautiful. When asked whether there is a warranty or not, I received an answer no. I asked myself, is a rack advertised with such features and uses worth only VND 90,000?

Care should be taken with car phone racks too cheapCare should be taken with car phone racks too cheap

On another site also sells racks but the interface is a personal page, not a business page. Information about the seller is very sketchy, it feels like this is just a “virtual” account. This site features a variety of articles selling accessories, including car phone racks. Information about the product is not much, also the type of “cheap sales”. I tried contacting about the product, it was known that the shipping fee was 50,000 VND, the product did not apply warranty.

These types of sales through personal pages are very popular today. Buying is very fast, but when the product has a problem, the problem is “do not know whom to ask and who to ask”. Typically the case of Mr. Pham V. Quyet (driver – Ho Chi Minh City): “Seeing cheap and eager to buy immediately. I bought the rack that day is 120,000, the cost of ship a few dozen more. After spending for half a month, remove it and attach to it many times, then the suction plate will not suck as tightly as before. Must press hard. There are meals running potholes, ballast so that it fell down, the phone also followed the dam a corner.


  • Noise-canceling roar paint
  • Car seat cover 9D
  • Car ceiling

To find out more about this, I actively contacted Mr. Phan Đ. Khai (an owner of a car accessories shop in Ho Chi Minh City, he also opened an online shop), said: “Telephone prices are many and varied. A few cheap ones are imported from China only a few dozen, sold ninety, a hundred also profit. But the sale is not long, because the fake goods, customers can not use also swearing, losing credibility at all.

If you think about it, a good vacuum-support rack with good technology, how can it cost dozens, hundreds not. Genuine goods here he sold to three, four hundred. Customers who know the goods, they buy immediately, its products, clear information packaging. There are some low-cost brackets, the air-conditioned slot clamps are not sure, and vacuum for a few months to stop smoking. ” When asked about warranty issues, Mr. Khai said: “I sell the company’s genuine genuine import warranty, from 3 to 6 months, with high-class warranty for 1 year. No matter what you spend, bring it. There are a few places that sell counterfeit goods, cheap goods, and push the goods, then there’s no warranty. Sometimes when I buy I have a problem, contact again, that party did not even respond. “

Low-cost sales locations often have no warrantyLow-cost sales locations often have no warranty

Mr. Khai further shared: “What money is there. If you want to be beautiful, durable, you should always buy a good stand, just easy to use, fixed the phone firmly, do not worry about falling, falling, breaking. The real advice is not to love cheap and choose to buy low quality products. “

The secret to buying phone holder on cars is both beautiful and durable

Suitable design, smart design

As the demand for phone racks increased, their designs also became more diverse and richer. Users will be able to choose the models that they feel like and bring maximum comfort when using. For some people who are fond of feng shui products, the attractive option for these car owners is the phone holder with the base of Thiem Thuy, the image of a frog holding a golden coin. For car owners who are female, you can choose the rack with a soft, feminine design a little with bright colors.

Sample car phone holder on the fortune very attractiveSample car phone holder on the fortune very attractive

The brackets also have a variety of flexible designs to help users can mount in many positions on the vehicle. Like a stand with a vacuum mount attached to surfaces like taplo or windshield, this technology has strong suction ability on most surfaces and has been patented. Other types of brackets are clamps that attach to the steering wheel, or directly into the car’s air opening. Many products can be rotated 360 degrees, making it easier for drivers to use the phone’s features. Some products may fold or change the distance to the driver’s position. It can be said that current products on the market have a very deep understanding of the needs and habits of users.

High quality material

The products need to be designed delicately and luxuriously to match the interior of the vehicle. Choose products made from high quality materials. Most of the car phone stand products today are manufactured from ABS, TPU plastic with a durable and bright coating, giving the product a solid and luxurious feeling.

Attention to the material of the phone holderAttention to the material of the phone holder

However, there have also been counterfeit product lines with poor quality materials on the market. These products can be used in recycled plastic or manufactured on obsolete technological lines. The products when looking and direct contact will find quite “wild”, many errors, less sophisticated. Especially many products possess a rough plating layer, without luster and smoothness. In the process of using this plating layer, it is easy to peel off the aesthetic.

Material phone racks are not guaranteed very quickly and damaged during use. Products may be warped due to use or impact by heat, which reduces the ability to fix a phone. Or the degrading padding makes the exposed phone part vulnerable to scratches, the loose coupling on the holder is one of the possibilities that can occur if choosing a quality zinc holder.

Ensure safe and secure phone landline

There are two types of popular phone holder for users to choose. The first type is a telephone holder with a clip and the second is a phone holder using a suction cup (often called a magnet). Each type of stand has its own advantages. However, when choosing any type of phone holder, you should consult the seller first, to make sure that this bracket is suitable for your phone.

There are brackets designed to fit all popular phones. But there are also more “picky” types. Referring to the appropriate type of bracket for your phone will avoid the case of buying it and discarding it because it cannot be used. The car phone holder that is rated for the most durable, durable and convenient use on the market today is the vacuum holder. This model holder is capable of adhering to all surfaces from taplo to the windshield. However, to ensure a stable fix, you should choose the type of bracket that applies dual lock technology.

Note whether the supporting surface is padded or not?Note whether the supporting surface is padded or not?

The top of this holder holds the phone in place, so it is very sturdy. However, when choosing to buy a stand, you should observe the material of the padding on the clamp, this is the direct contact with the phone. This contact layer must have good grip to hold the phone fixed. Material must be soft so as not to scratch the phone during use. The best option is to choose clamps that use silicon or PE plastic gaskets.

Able to reduce vibration during vehicle movement

Choosing the phone holder also needs to pay attention to the ability to reduce phone vibration when the car is moving. Should choose the bracket has a compact design, the base is mounted firmly, the details of the stand are not loose. Poor quality phone cushions cause phone vibrations. This will affect the driver’s ability to concentrate while driving and even make the process of driving the car become more dangerous by distracting the driver’s attention.

The phone holder needs a feature that reduces phone shake

The phone holder needs a feature that reduces phone shake

Expensive goods are not necessarily “cut” to pieces

Many people think that every expensive product is a genuine product, and then it is frustrating because of owning unwanted phone racks. It may be the same product, but many stores are overpriced. Or even, many parties disregard the reputation, enter the product line of imitation and sold at the price of genuine racks. Therefore, buyers should take the time to consult the prices of these products before choosing to buy. Reference prices on the market today range from 100 to 500 thousand a product, depending on the style and features of the product.

Design “go with the tone” with the car interior

Market of mobile phone stand products is increasingly diverse and rich in style and features. However, in order not to choose the racks that look out of place with the interior of the car, the owner should choose the style and color of the racks are similar to the car interior. Car owners can choose the phone stands with the company car logo. This is a fairly simple and suitable option for the vehicle. The sides of these holders are usually designed to attach phones using suction magnets. Their designs are quite simple but very eye-catching and show the elegance and class. These stands can also become a decoration for the car when not needed as a phone holder.

Should choose the style and color of car phone holder on the car to match the interior of the car

Should choose the style and color of car phone holder on the car to match the interior of the car

For phone stands that are not designed specifically for each model, pay close attention to the car’s interior characteristics before choosing. With many cars with luxurious interiors, it is advisable to choose simple but sharp designs, colors that match the interior’s color, avoiding the case of excessive.

Where should I buy car phone holder?

Through research in many places, I found KOTADA Vietnam is a very worthy address to refer. This place specializes in providing genuine Ohoyo smartphone Car Holder – Car Universal Holder, with many models for customers to choose from. Clear sales policy, friendly, enthusiastic staff.

Hopefully the above share will provide a lot of useful information for everyone about a small car accessory but very essential for automotive users in general.

Tran Quan

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