The secret to taking macro shots with the vivo V21 5G phone is simple but still attractive

The secret to taking macro shots with the vivo V21 5G phone is simple but still attractive

Gone are the days when photography lovers had to carry heavy lenses and tripods to take macro shots. Today, with advanced and modern technologies, you can capture exquisite macro photography with just your vivo V21 5G smartphone. Read the article below to know more about the secrets of macro photography with the attractive but still simple vivo V21 5G phone!

What is macro photography? Why are macro photos so unique and attractive?

Macro is a professional photography technique applied in photography, created by a German photographer. True to its name, macro photography is understood as taking tiny objects and magnifying it more by a certain ratio. In other words, this is a type of magnified, super close-up photography of details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. With these magnified images, viewers can clearly see the details of objects, even objects as small as a few centimeters to a few millimeters.

Super close-up (Macro image)

Being able to see the tiny details partly creates the uniqueness and attraction of the photography style. They are even more attractive when shown through the special perspectives of photography lovers.

Benefits of taking macros with your phone

Years ago, in order to take macro photos, people had to use a lot of photographic equipment from specialized lenses, tripods, lights to tripods, etc. However, with today’s developed technology. Many types of mobile phones have built-in super close-up cameras. Allows you to record details clearly. From there, it helps you to create very attractive super close-up photos.

Macro photo taken with a phone

In addition, taking super close-up photos on mobile devices also has many benefits:

  • Built-in magnified photography feature on a smartphone. Saves you from having to carry a lot of stuff.
  • Support you to be creative anytime, anywhere.
  • Super close-up photography operations are simple and easy to perform.
  • Easily add accessories or lenses to enhance the macro shooting effect.
  • Continuous shooting feature.

Powerful macro photography tool: vivo V21 5G

When it comes to vivo V21 5G, people will remember that this is a phone that can produce beautiful selfies even in low light conditions. However, not only that, vivo V21 5G also owns a rear camera with a 2MP camera that takes super close-up photos. Help users produce super sharp macro photos. This is a completely separate camera from the main lens. Supports sharp display of photos even when zoomed in.

vivo V21 5G: Powerful macro photography tool

Combined with low-light photography, vivo V21 5G can create artistic super close-ups regardless of day or night. From there, help you ‘explore the world’ fully.

In addition, vivo V21 5G also integrates AI artificial intelligence into the camera. It will help you identify the subject accurately, making the picture more clear. In addition, this feature also supports users to adjust colors when shooting according to certain subjects, more convenient for users.

As a result, vivo V21 5G has been evaluated by many photography-loving users as an effective macro photography support tool.

2MP camera takes super clear close-up photos

Some tips for taking macro photos with your phone that you should know

Choose the right time to take pictures

Timing is an important factor in helping you create great photos, not just with macro photography. Therefore, in order to take beautiful photos with satisfactory light, you should choose the right time to have the right light.

Super close-up photo taken after the rain

The best times for macro photography are at dawn and dusk. Because at these two times, the sun is not too harsh, the light shining on the oblique contributes to creating a more vivid image. In addition, you can also take super close-up photos after the rain. This is the golden time for macro photography that many photography lovers seek.

Take advantage of the macro shooting support features available in your phone

Use Night Camera: If you want to create super close-up photos at night, don’t worry, because vivo V21 5G has a rear camera with a resolution of up to 64MP, displaying sharp image details. In addition, OIS anti-shake technology delivers professional, shake-free photos.

Enable AI scene detection mode on vivo V21 5G for accurate scene recognition.

vivo V21 5G . AI scene identification mode

Apply some photography principles

To create a satisfactory macro image. You should apply principles commonly used in photography such as:

  • Regularly change the shooting angle to create many unique photos.
  • Use manual focus mode by tapping the phone screen.
  • Selecting a macro photography background does not contain too many details.
  • Clean the lens with a soft cloth before taking pictures.
  • Automatically adjust font removal mode.

That’s our sharing about the secret to taking macro shots with a simple but attractive phone. Hope the above article will help you get more information to create great super close-up photos. Please practice many times to make the photos become more professional and attractive! Don’t forget to follow Phong Vu technology news page to update more latest information!


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