The secret Mr. Trump tried to hide was handed over to the prosecutor

The secret of Donald Trump’s attempt to hide was handed over to the prosecutor

Tax records that former US President Donald Trump has tried to keep secret for many years are now in the hands of the Manhattan District prosecutor.

Former US President Donald Trump. Photo: CNN

According to CNN and CNBC, tax records and related documents were passed to Manhattan district prosecutor Cyrus Vance, Jr earlier this week, just hours after the supreme court rejected the final attempt to keep confidential documents on Mr. Trump

Danny Frost, spokesman for prosecutor Vance also confirmed the information.

The above file includes millions of pages of documents, containing Mr. Trump’s tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019 as well as financial statements, commitment agreements, and documents related to the preparation. and reviewing tax returns, employment documents, and tax-related information.

While the documents were provided by Trump’s longtime audit firm, Mazar, it will not be made public because of the jury’s confidentiality regulations.

Over the past several months, prosecutor Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, has been trying to get eight years of Mr. Trump’s personal and business tax returns. Mr. Vance is investigating whether former President Trump and the Trump Organization were involved in tax fraud, insurance, misinformation to financial institutions or banks.

With the above documents in hand, Mr. Vance and other prosecutors can dig deep into investigations, conduct interviews with key witnesses and determine if any state law has been violated. .

Currently, neither a Mazars spokesperson or former President Donald Trump has responded to.

Mr. Trump is the first US President since Richard Nixon’s time to not publish his tax records.

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The US Supreme Court 'green light' to investigate Mr Trump

The US Supreme Court ‘green light’ to investigate Mr Trump

The US Supreme Court on Feb. 22 has moved to pave the way for New York City prosecutors to have access to tax returns and other financial records of former President Donald Trump.

The son of former President Trump was summoned to testify

The son of former President Trump was summoned to testify

According to CNN, Donald Trump Jr was summoned to testify in the lawsuit of misuse of the inauguration fund of former US President Donald Trump in 2017.


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