The secret appears "brilliantly" when meeting online
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The secret appears “brilliantly” when meeting online

Working from home, during an outbreak, means connecting with colleagues, customers, teachers and friends via video calling platforms like Skype or Zoom.

However, instead of accepting online meetings with blurry and boring images, let’s take a look at some tips to make your appearance in video calls more impressive!

Pay attention to the light

No need for feats like studio, you can simply choose the position and direction of sitting so that your face becomes brighter and more harmonious.

Do not sit directly under the light source because it will cause a dark face under the eyes and nose. Instead, choose a location opposite the window or light about 1m, then the light will be uniform and not cause glare.

Choose a seat opposite the window to take advantage of natural light.

In addition, do not choose a position to sit with your back to the window, the backlight phenomenon will make you dark and the camera also appears uncomfortable streaks of light.

Machine angle

Should sit on a table, put the computer or phone opposite, chest level. Although this is not much attention, but if you pay attention, you can avoid revealing bad angles or uneven angles.

Audio and sound recording mic

In terms of sound, in addition to choosing a quiet place, you should also avoid locations where there may be echoes or mechanical sounds.

At home must also be beautiful: The secret to appear brilliantly when meeting online - Photo 2.

Have a headset with mic ready to improve listening and speaking quality when meeting online.

If a meeting requires you to talk a lot, have a headset with a mic or microphone available so you don’t have to complain about “noise, loss”.

Internet connection and power source

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection speed. For students, nothing more painful splashes from video calling when a teacher is taking attendance.

At home must also be beautiful: The secret to appear brilliantly when meeting online - Photo 3.

Check the device power before starting video calls.

Besides, check the battery on your computer and phone. The device should be connected to an available power source to avoid battery exhaustion or power collapse during a meeting.

Simple background

Of course, you can’t leave the messy rear space with unwashed dishes, ragged blankets, or children playing around. Whether you are the subject of the photo frame, things that appear around are equally important.

First, find a space with few passersby. You probably don’t want your coworkers to just focus on moving family members while you’re talking, or the camera sometimes has to focus when someone is walking by.

At home must also be beautiful: The secret to appear brilliantly when meeting online - Photo 4.

A white wall as a background is better than a messy bed.

In addition, you also need to consider the seat so that the background behind the scenes is as simple and minimal as possible. Turning your back on the wall is a safe option. Should limit sitting in the corridor with many doors or dense space pattern.

Costumes are equally important

Colored t-shirts will be the best option. T-shirts with too small or too complex patterns will make your colleagues become confused, especially in video meetings with not too good image quality.

Basically you want people to focus on your face, so the simpler and more effective your clothes are. But do not be too easy and choose for themselves the clothes to wear at home. In some cases the bust frame, too short shirt or open shoulder also makes people feel like you’re … not wearing anything.

At home must also be beautiful: The secret to appear brilliantly when meeting online - Photo 5.

Choose simple outfits, without too many distracting motifs.

As a final note, if possible, dress up in a “decent” tree. Nobody knows what will happen in the middle of the meeting, don’t let your co-workers or classmates find out under the decent shirt you are wearing banana shorts.


Whether meeting face-to-face or via videocall, confidence always leaves a good impression. Keeping yourself comfortable, using the facial muscles when communicating and presenting clearly, online meetings will always be easy.

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