The second group photo of the art performance: Zhang Yixing squats in front of Xiaokai, and Wang Yibo looks like a baby with special effects

The second group photo of the art performance: Zhang Yixing squats in front of Xiaokai, and Wang Yibo looks like a baby with special effects

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Since the news federation broadcast the highlights of the art performance, this evening party has become a topic for netizens after dinner, and they have begun to look forward to the arrival of the beginning of the month. The rehearsal of the party was conducted in secret, without prior notice. Many celebrities chose to retreat to prepare for the show, with a high degree of diligence, and the quality of the show rose to a higher level.

Nowadays, some netizens have successively posted backstage group photos. The first group photo was taken by the stars and the athletes. The athletes squatted in the front row and the stars stood in the back row with their hands folded in front of them with a serious face. The athletes are very relaxed and take photos naturally. On the contrary, the stars in the back row are a little serious. They don’t need to be handsome and put away their cool expressions. Everyone is so restrained.

Later, some netizens posted a group photo behind the scenes of the art show. This time it was a group photo of pure stars. Everyone was very relaxed, showing the most handsome expressions and postures, as if they were more handsome than anyone!

Zhou Shen, Wang Junkai, and Zhang Yixing miraculously framed the same frame. Zhang Yixing consciously squatted in the first row. Wang Junkai stood behind Zhang Yixing with his right hand in his pocket and his left hand in a posture of 666. The figure and appearance were very good. Zhou Shen scalded her little curly hair, tilted her body slightly in a bow tie, and her little expression was still so amiable.

Wang Yuan was squeezed into the middle again, occupying the C throne, but there were Li Yifeng and Xu Weizhou behind him. For this reason, he bent over to take pictures so that the people behind could also be in the mirror. Among the male celebrities, Wang Yuan smiled the most innocent, and wrote lively and purely on his face.

In the first big group photo, Wang Junkai hides behind Wang Yuan. The two brothers are about to stand together, which brings back a lot of memories and is also on the hot search. However, in the second group photo, Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan are separated. Everyone has met new friends, interspersed among the handsome guys, and they are also very happy.

Ou Hao and Wang Yibo seemed to have used special effects for babies. Their faces were small, round and tender, like two little babies. When they were five or six years old, their faces were covered with collagen, and they were super-reduced among the stars. There are also male celebrities such as Zheng Yunlong, Zhang Tong, Ayunga, Liu Wei, Guo Xiaodong, etc. The dream linkage between the stars is really rare! This is the second time that Wang Yibo, Wang Junkai, and Wang Yuan are in the same frame. It is probably related to the content of the show. The three perform together and spend most of the time in the background.

At least 90 celebrities in the circle were invited to the party, which was a visual feast. Some netizens posted a group photo at the rehearsal. The stage was full of cast and crew members. Although they couldn’t see their faces, the close-up shots on the day of the live broadcast must be the biggest highlight.

The rehearsal session also contributed to the same frame of many stars, such as Wang Junkai, Yang Yang, and Hu Ge. These three are rarely met, but because of this event, Wang Junkai is standing next to Hu Ge, and Yang Yang is walking in front of Wang Junkai. The three handsome guys are super seductive.

After the rehearsal, the stars also returned to the hotel to rest together. Wang Yibo and Li Xian got in the same car, and they were still sitting together, achieving another dream linkage between the handsome guys. After Wang Yibo got in the car, he was busy with work and kept looking at his mobile phone. Li Xian was also very worried, but the two of them looked like two best men in suits and leather shoes.

This party has gathered so many stars and is huge in scale. If they were to stay for a work meal, it would be a grand dinner. I hope that the handsome and beautiful women will seize the opportunity, communicate more and make more friends, and you will see more interaction in the future.


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