The second batch of drug collection: the highest drop of 93% acetaminophen

2020-01-18 11:28:30Beijing News Reporter: Zhang Xiulan Editor: Yue Qingxiu
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The second batch of drug collection: the highest drop of 93% acetaminophen

2020-01-18 11:28:30Beijing News Reporter: Zhang Xiulan

Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) On the evening of January 17, Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Purchasing Network announced the results of the second batch of centralized procurement of national drugs. 32 of 33 varieties were successfully purchased, with an average price reduction of 53% and a maximum reduction of 93%. , The hypoglycemic drugs acarbose, glimepiride and other chronic diseases are more commonly used. The leaders of the pilot office and the joint procurement office stated that compared with international and domestic prices, the centralized procurement was generally in line with expectations.

Bayer and Luye Pharma win bid for acarbose

In this collection, some commonly used drugs were even selected at the price of cabbage. There are 6 companies selected for acetaminophen for antipyretics and analgesics, including Chengdu Tongde Pharmaceutical, Huazhong Pharmaceutical, Diao Group Chengdu Pharmaceutical, Renfu Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Tongyuan Pharmaceutical, Hebei Jiheng (Group ) Pharmaceutical, the price of the proposed selection is 0.03-0.07 yuan / piece. Among them, Chengdu Tongde Pharmaceutical has the lowest price. The selected price (0.5g * 20 tablets) is 0.69 yuan / box, and the unit price is 0.0345 yuan / tablet. The leaders of the pilot office and the joint procurement office said in a question to reporters that historical data showed that there were companies that sold at 0.02 yuan / piece, but low-cost drugs have not become mainstream. The proposed selection price is 0.03-0.07 yuan / Tablets, promoting a stable supply of low-cost medicine.

Another popular large variety of acarbose was selected jointly by Bayer and Luye. The planned selection price of Bayer Acarbose tablets (50mg * 30 tablets) is 5.42 yuan / box, a decrease of more than 90%, which is equivalent to 0.1807 yuan / tablet. This price is lower than the prescribed maximum effective declared price of 0.8353 yuan / tablet. Nearly 80%. Public information shows that the median price of Bayer’s acarbose tablet 50mg previously was 2.14 yuan / tablet. Another successful bidder, Sichuan Luye Pharmaceutical, has a bid price of 9.6 yuan / box.

The Beijing News reporter combed the public data and found that in recent years, the domestic oral glucose regulator market has grown steadily. The first market share is acarbose, which accounts for 37%. It is the first-line medication recommended by the Chinese diabetes medication guidelines.

In the previously announced 33-collection collection list, sodium bicarbonate has become the only drug that has not been successfully purchased.

Selected drugs entering hospitals will be given priority use

Regarding the progress of the previous “4 + 7” pilot and national expansion, the responsible persons of the pilot office and the joint procurement office stated that the implementation of the pilot city procurement exceeded expectations and the agreed procurement volume was completed in advance. As of the end of December, the average procurement implementation progress of the 25 selected “4 + 7” pilot regions was 183%, and the selected drugs accounted for 78% of the same generic drug purchases. All the expanded areas have started to implement the expanded procurement results in December. Judging from the situation in the “4 + 7” pilot areas, the proportion of people using generic drugs and original drugs that passed the consistency evaluation has increased significantly from about 50% to more than 90%, and the quality of drug use has improved significantly.

Regarding the quality assurance of the selected drug, the relevant person in charge said that if the selected drug has serious quality problems, it will be included in the “violation list” and the company’s qualification for selection will be cancelled. At the same time, depending on the circumstances of the circumstances, it will be disqualified from participating in drug procurement activities in various places within two years from the date of being included in the “violating list.”

The supply guarantee after the low price is also related to the people’s medication and corporate interests. According to the relevant departments’ audit survey of more than 100 commonly used drugs, the average drug sales price is about 17-18 times the drug production cost, and the production cost accounts for only a very low proportion of the drug price. The price of selected drugs in this centralized purchase has dropped sharply, and the unreasonable moisture that has been in the circulation field for a long time is squeezed out, instead of the production cost, which does not affect the quality level of the drugs. The selected drugs will be given priority use in hospitals, and patients in China will The selected drugs will be used in April 2020.

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