The sandstorm is coming! Triumph “Street Scrambler Sandstorm” launched in 2022?

Just two months after 2021, when many motorcycle brands have just launched 2021-style models, Triumph has already begun to develop a lineup of 2022-style models.

Triumph, which is already synonymous with the British motorcycle brand, has become more and more visible in the motorcycle market through the introduction of Bobber Black, Street Triple RS, and TRIDENT 660 in recent years.

Therefore, Triumph expects to launch a new model named Street Scrambler Sandstorm that can pass the EURO 5 standard in the Street Scrambler car series in 2022.

Triumph 2022 Street Scrambler Sandstorm

This news is not groundless. According to foreign media, the British motorcycle manufacturer has completed the relevant certification documents applied to the US EPA, and the version name of the model can be determined as “Sandstorm”. Because it is classified under the Street Scrambler car series, it is certain that this will be a street car with an off-road look.

The Scrambler Sandstorm may be equipped with an Arrow exhaust system as standard. This method is similar to that seen on the Tiger 1200 Desert. As for performance, it should be the same as the current Street Scrambler, that is, it has 65ps maximum horsepower at 7250rpm and 3,200. rpm can provide a maximum torque of 59Nm.

According to the content of the certification documents, the weight of the Scrambler Sandstorm is 228kg and it meets the EURO 5 exhaust emission standard. It is speculated that Triumph will add dual-gun rear shock absorbers with gas cylinders to Sandstorm, heightened front soil removal and larger size The front wheels, etc., not only maintain the classic appearance, but also optimize various equipment for off-road performance.

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