Honda Grom 2022

The same price as Honda SH 150i, fascinated design, better than Winner X

( The Honda Grom 2022 hand-held car model is causing storms with an impressive, sporty design and many impressive equipment.

The Japanese automaker Honda has recently introduced to the US users the latest version of the Honda Grom 2022 hand-held car. Although just released, the Honda Grom 2022 has quickly received many compliments from the foreign side. beautiful, impressive image.

Honda Grom 2022 has just been introduced in the US

Compared with its predecessor, the design of the Honda Grom 2022 is much more attractive and sporty. In addition, this hand taper model has also been tweaked some details in the exterior to better suit the tastes of users. Honda Grom 2022 owns LED steering lights with elegant design while the rear lights are high-clawed, bringing a sporty feel to the car.

Honda Grom 2022
Honda Grom 2022 has a more impressive design than its predecessor

The equipment on the Honda Grom 2022 includes a digital dashboard with a design similar to Honda’s popular Café Racer CB150R, a 31mm Showa front fork and monoshok rear suspension, disc brakes on the rear two front wheels. optional ABS.

Honda Grom 2022
Honda Grom 2022
Equipment and utilities on the Honda Grom 2022

Honda Grom 2022 uses a 123.9 cc engine block, producing a maximum capacity of 9.6 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 10.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. Additional power for this engine block is a 5-speed gearbox.

Honda Grom 2022
Honda Grom 2022
Honda Grom 2022 color options

Currently, the Honda Grom 2022 is being distributed with 3 versions, including the non-ABS version and the ABS version with a suggested selling price of $ 3,399 (about 78 million dong) and $ 3,599 (about 83 million dong), respectively. Honda Grom 2022 color options can be mentioned as black, white, yellow and blue.


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