The same "male disguised as a woman": escaped Wang Yuan, escaped Cai Xukun, but was entangled by Hou Minghao!

The same “male disguised as a woman”: escaped Wang Yuan, escaped Cai Xukun, but was entangled by Hou Minghao!

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Now with more and more talent shows in the mainland, a lot of small meat has emerged. They have thin bodies, delicate faces, no tough guy temperament, and more Korean boy group appearances. Like the boy group Nine Percent launched by iQiyi, as well as Lehua Seven and so on. There are more delicate little fresh meats, and they began to take the show back. Now many little fresh meats have their own representatives. Let’s take a look at the appearance of some male celebrities “male disguised as women”. Who really surprised you?

Unexpectedly, straight steel man Liu Haoran also appeared in women’s clothing. This is in “Detective Chinatown”. Liu Haoran, Wang Baoqiang, and Xiao Yang pretended to be nurses in the hospital in order to avoid being chased by others. Everyone looked at Liu Haoran. Girls who have passed 185.

Huang Zitao has also played a guest on a girl. Huang Zitao can be said to be the king of strange flowers. Before, he was quite narcissistic in variety shows and always thought that he was the most handsome in the world. In the variety show “Little Chasing the Ball”, because the dog kissed his hind legs three steps, his face made the audience unbelievable and amused, but Huang Zitao was so cute.

Wang Yuan, one of the members of TFBOYS, has also made a guest appearance in women’s clothing before. Wang Yuan likes the double ponytail look very much. Like here, the heavy double ponytail and bangs set off Wang Yuan’s more delicate appearance, which is more suitable than men’s clothing.

After avoiding Wang Yuan, although Wang Yuan’s dress looks amazing in women’s clothing, he still sees the outline of the boys. With a white bow here, it’s even more girls than girls.

Cai Xukun didn’t actually wear women’s clothing, so it is estimated that he is really a man in his heart. But how can netizens now let go of Cai Xukun’s exquisite face, and directly put him on long black hair. Good facial features are an advantage. This black hair is pretty good-looking on her head, and her facial features are more delicate and delicate with the black foil.

Wang Junkai has also done women’s clothing, this thick and big wave volume, I thought it was the Thai actress “Xiao Shui”. Wang Junkai’s facial features are relatively soft, putting on a wig is almost the same as a girl. The editor believes that Wang Junkai’s appearance, I guess I can’t tell that this is a boy from behind.

Zhang Xincheng also had women’s clothing in “The Youngsters of the Song Dynasty”, and the editor personally thinks that he is the most abrupt. Although her face is round, she doesn’t look like a girl at all.

Speaking of how the women’s tycoon could miss Zhu Zhengting’s Marilyn Monroe, Zhu Zhengting used to play “Marilyn Monroe” at the concert before, and it is less sexy than Marilyn Monroe. This is probably a thin version.” Marilyn Monroe Road”.

Zhou Zhennan has also been praised by fans for women’s clothing. Zhou Zhennan’s face is very tender. Wearing women’s clothing is not obtrusive at all. It can basically be fake.

Speaking of women’s appearance, the editor also recommended an actor named Guan Hong by his real name. This actor may not be known to many people, but he is really exquisite and beautiful. There was a female appearance in “Fourteen Years of Chenghua” before, which is even more female than a girl. Guan Hong himself has a very good foundation, he is a delicate appearance, no wonder he can be so good-looking!

But he was entangled by Hou Minghao! Because Treasure Hou Minghao’s dress looks so beautiful in women’s clothing, you can’t tell that it’s a boy just by looking at this side profile picture. This fit is estimated to be unrecognizable when your mother comes.

Like this animated picture, holding a fan and carefully looking around, it looks like a boy. If the height is neglected, Hou Minghao can be a guest star as a “female” actor, and it is estimated that he will be able to portray some classic roles.


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