The same is the top traffic of TFBOYS, Yi Yang Qianxi is keen on marketing, but he is becoming more and more low-key
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The same is the top traffic of TFBOYS, Yi Yang Qianxi is keen on marketing, but he is becoming more and more low-key

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In the mainland entertainment industry, it’s okay to occasionally do marketing. After all, everyone relies on traffic to eat. However, if you frequently get out of the circle, you are in a frequent situation, and the underground is controlled by fans, blowing the rainbow is really unnecessary. For example, BLACKPINK, a big marketing player, can make hot searches several times a week. Such high-frequency marketing really affects the senses of passers-by. It is not that the sisters are not good, but the fans are really not beautiful when they close their eyes and blow. #王源#

There is also a big marketing player in TFBOYS. In fact, the word marketing is not very popular with fans. After all, this kind of thing is linked to “false”. It is said that marketing is questioning the strength of idols, so let’s change another word, that is Selling yourself, in fact, in the eyes of many people, Yi Yang Qianxi, including fans, promotes his idols, second only to the top-ranked Xiao Zhan.

In addition to the hot search at the endorsement conference, Yi Yang Qianxi’s team is keen to convey a feeling to the outside world: that is, Yi Yang Qianxi is “the strongest idol”, “new generation actor”, “endorsement business got “Hands soft”, “shoulder width and legs long masquerade face”, “top university undergraduates”, “amazing performance in film works”, “non-stop charity donation” and so on.

Looking at it this way, in fact, every key word of Yi Yang Qianxi is a fact, and everything is a real fact, but what effect will it cause if it frequently appears in front of passers-by?

The first situation: No feeling, continue to wait and see, the second situation: enter the pit, like Yiyang Qianxi, the third situation, that is, many netizens have a mentality of resistance: there are too many Amway, but they don’t eat, but they are disgusted mood.

For example, “You are a young man” is indeed a big hit. Yi Yang Qianxi is deeply tied to this movie. Turn around and look at the top stream of TFBOYS. Wang Yuan is a professional music player who participated in “Me and My “Hometown” was also well received and approved by the director, but did not buy much marketing.

Fans said helplessly: To change to another home, Wang Yuan’s 17 sets of high-end, it is estimated that the world has long boasted that his fashion resources are super strong. Wang Yuan gave people the feeling that the basics of being a man is to show facts and reason. As for how far and wide the road goes, he can bear it.

Fans think that Wang Yuan is in a good state now. He has his own pursuit, can control the pace of his career, and be the master of his own life. After all, many artists now have more actual performance when they grab resources. The actual performance is good and the brand is talented. Will fancy artists.

Compared with the overall development of TFBOYS, Wang Yuan cares more about improving himself. Members now have their own choices. After all, they market strange things to artists. For example, they have to describe the unsightly ones as advanced faces. Plagiarism is said to be fusion of stems and so on. Although this kind of marketing is effective, too much marketing will have a backlash. What do you think?



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