The S-400 is ready to host the United States if it attacks Iran in Syria

The S-400 is ready to host the United States if it attacks Iran in Syria

(News 24h)
                        Russia’s S-400 missile defense system will destroy US drone targets if they attack Iran in Syria.

Avia’s Russian site on 6/1 said the S-400 missile defense system of Russia will destroy US unmanned aircraft targets if they intend to attack Iranian-backed forces in Syria.

“The main task of the Russian air defense system is to monitor all hostile targets. In necessary cases, defense systems, including S-300, S-400, will destroy the targets. pepper, “Avia quotes.

The S-400 is ready to fly to the United States if it is dissolved in Iran

The information was released after several sources revealed that the US Air Force is planning to conduct air strikes in the Syrian capital, as well as Aleppo, where many Iranian military units and forces are concentrated. amount backed by Iran.

Earlier, on January 5, at least six Il-76 heavy military transport aircraft landed on Russian military Hmeimim air base in Syria. According to some sources, Russian transport aircraft brought to Syria electronic warfare (EW) and air defense (SAM) combat groups.

According to observers, the reason for Russia’s dispatch of emergency military aircraft to Syria is to prepare for a military conflict between Iran and the United States, air defense, radar and electronic warfare complexes have been introduced. get on the plane.

It is likely that Iranian positions in the Middle East will suffer a large-scale offensive from the US, including its bases in Syria.

Therefore, it is impossible to exclude the prospect of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) will use Syrian territory as a shelter, prompting US and Israeli aggression.

This will create a danger not only for Iranian troops located here, but also for the Syrian government forces as well as the Russian army.

Russia had to urgently bring additional electronic warfare systems with air defense missiles to Syria in order to prepare for the worst situation.

“Iran is Russia’s most important ally in the Middle East, so it can confidently declare that Moscow will take all necessary measures to ensure its security as well as show its own strength. .

It is clear that any attack from the Mediterranean will be stopped, not only by electronic warfare systems, but also by air defense and missile defense complexes, “the Russian expert commented. .



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