The rise of Chinese AI and quantum computers threatens US military technology

The rise of Chinese AI and quantum computers threatens US military technology

According to a US report, China is the strongest competitor in advanced military technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computers.

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Report “Emerging military technologies: Context and Issues for Congress” US Congressional research agency released in early August said the US was at the forefront in developing many advanced technologies, but China and Russia are also making steady progress in this area.

The report states that China is widely seen as a rival to the US in the international artificial intelligence market. China’s recent achievements in this area demonstrate Beijing’s potential, and such technologies could be used to combat espionage and aid in military targeting.

While US auto-lethal weapons are unknown, a few Chinese manufacturers advertise their weapons to be capable of automatically selecting and hitting targets, the report said.

In the field of hypersonic weapons, it is reported that the US is unlikely to launch hypersonic weapons before 2023, but China has developed the DF-41 intercontinental cruise missile capable of carrying one way. supersonic nuclear flight facilities.

In addition to AI, China is increasingly prioritizing quantum technology research and has led the world in quantum technology, the report said.

China has poured millions of dollars into future warfare technology research and development over the years, at a time when the Trump administration is restricting spending.

According to the Ministry of Science, China’s technological innovation contributed nearly 60% of economic growth last year.

Between 1997 and 2017, China’s share of the global research and engineering budget increased from 3% to 27%, according to a report by data analytics firm Govin released in January.

Malcolm Davis, a senior analyst at the Australian Academy of Political Strategy, says the days of China lagging behind the US in military technology are over.

“In many areas, they [Trung Quốc] is the equivalent, and in some areas, they’re surpassing America, like hypersonic, artificial intelligence and quantum technology. They have established a vast network of defense technology centers, supporting the PLA’s capacity development toward becoming a “dataized” and “intellectualized” military in the 21st century. , “ he said.

While China may be in a position to be at a disadvantage in terms of conventional weapons, it can compensate for this with external production items, especially with regard to naval capabilities, says Davis. to speak.

“In quantity, the PLA navy is overtaking the US navy and is rapidly closing the gap in many areas of quality,” Davis said, adding that under the current circumstances, there is no guarantee that the US and its allies can win the conflict with China.

However, some experts say that although China has made impressive progress in improving the quality of technology for the military, it is difficult to say that the Chinese military has surpassed the US military.

Timothy Heath, a senior analyst for international defense research at the Rand Corporation Institute of America, said that these China’s advantage is reduced as it moves further offshore.

“For most scenarios for the South China Sea, such as near the Spratlys, the PLA would be easily overwhelmed by the intervention of the US naval and air force if they operated from a group. warship or from the Philippines, “ he said.

Over the past two years, the clash between China and the United States – the two powers with nuclear weapons and the world’s largest military force, have ranged from a trade dispute to human rights, technology theft, and subject to Taiwan and control of the South China Sea. This has fueled speculation that the verbal fight could turn into a real war and will involve many other countries.

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