The researchers first obtained the "thunder" of volcanoes

The researchers first obtained the “thunder” of volcanoes

For the first time, scientists have recorded volcanic thunder.

In August 2016 and 2017, the Microphones recorded sound from volcanoes on Bogoslof Island, part of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Analysis of the logs revealed a strange sound similar to the volcanic thunder.

Matt Haney, a seismologist at the Alaska Volcanic Observatory in Anchorage, said: “People near the erupting volcano have seen and heard light rays, sounds like thunder, but this is we first caught it and identified it in scientific data. ”

During volcanic eruptions, ash, rocks, and other erupting particles collide with each other. Friction created by millions of small collisions will create static electricity strong enough to cause lightning.

The researchers first obtained the "thunder" of volcanoes

Directly measuring lightning inside a volcanic soil layer is difficult, but studying the thunder created by lightning can provide scientists with new insights into volcanic eruptions.

Jeff Johnson, a geophysicist at Boise State University, who was not involved in the recent study, said: “Listening to the sounds inside a volcanic soil is not easy and many scientists believe that identifying the sound of volcanic thunder among the many noises of the volcanic eruption is impossible. ”

But scientists were able to identify the sound of volcanic thunder by comparing the recordings with a microphone system, with data made by a network of lightning sensors obtained giving the main result. more accurate.


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