The rescuer official micro revealed that the R9000K keyboard supports linked light effects

On February 2, 2021, Lenovo Rescue official Weibo will preheat the R9000K/R9000P 2021. It has a separate small keyboard area and large-size arrow keys. The 2021 R9000K will also add the Icue RGB linkage light effect. Support single button single lamp, can switch various light effects.

On February 2, 2021, Lenovo Rescue Official Weibo will pre-heat the R9000K/R9000P 2021. Both R9000K/R9000P will be equipped with LEGION TrueStrike full-size original keyboard, with independent small keyboard area and large size Arrow key. In addition, the 2021 R9000K will also add Icue RGB linkage light effects, and support single-button single light, which can switch multiple light effects.

The Lenovo savior R9000K/R9000P has gone through several rounds of warm-up before. Both new machines will be equipped with AMD Ryzen 5000H series processors, and the graphics cards will be RTX 30 series. In terms of battery life, it has 80Wh battery, supports 100W PD fast charge, and can use up to 300W LEGION super fast charge.

In terms of screens, the screens of the two new phones will adopt 2.5K resolution, have a high refresh rate of 165Hz, screen size of 16 inches, adopt an ultra-narrow frame design, have a 16:10 screen ratio and 100% sRGB high color gamut. It supports 500nits brightness and DC no flicker, has passed HDR 400 certification, and also supports Dolby Vision and NVIDIA G-Sync.

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