McConnell (center) returned to office after Monday's conviction vote.  Photo: AFP.

The Republican leader has been criticized for attacking Trump

Republican leader McConnell has drawn criticism for saying that Trump was “responsible” for the Capitol Hill riots, although he voted against his charges.

“I think of Senator Mitch McConnell’s statement. Apparently he removed the rock from his chest, but unfortunately it was placed on the back of Republican members. You will see in the war. 2022 campaign translation, “Senator Lindsey Graham said on television on 15/2.

Graham warned Republicans running midterm elections in key states could be asked about McConnell’s words and this could hinder efforts to regain Senate. Those in power may also be asked if they support McConnell, he added.

McConnell (center) returned to office after Monday’s conviction vote. Image: AFP.

“McConnell’s statements are a case in point from the party members’ thoughts,” Graham said.

Arizona Rep. Andy Briggs said that McConnell’s statement made many Republicans unhappy. “A lot of people are frustrated with his comments. I won’t paint on this,” Biggs said.

The offices of Graham and McConnell have not yet commented on this information.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Feb. 13 abstained from former President Donald Trump in accusing him of provoking riots in parliament building earlier last month.

However, McConnell said that Trump was still responsible for the incident. “There is no doubt that President Trump is ethically and practically responsible for inciting those events. Those who attack this building believe they are acting according to their will and directing slowly. their president, “he said.

The former US president was impeached for the second time after Democrats accused him of playing a role in a riot in the parliament building on Jan. 6. The US Senate voted 57 for and 43 against in accusing Trump of provoking the riot, failing to meet the 67 votes needed to convict Trump.

During days of debate, Democrats acting as prosecutors repeatedly broadcast videos citing Trump’s remarks, claiming to have incited supporters by encouraging them to “fight fiercely.”

To contradict the Democrats’ argument, Trump’s defense attorney plays a 10-minute video showing Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, with President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris using the word “war fought “hundreds of times in speeches and on television during the 2020 campaign. The lawyers also demanded Trump’s pardon, insisting” the impeachment clause of him was an act of unjust political revenge and blatant unconstitutional “.

Trump is the first US president to be impeached twice. He passed his first impeachment when he was acquitted by the Senate on two charges including abuse of power and obstruction of parliament in the February 5, 2020 vote.

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