The release date of the NS version of the horror game “NG” Enjoy a unique Japanese sense of horror!

Japanese game company Experience announced in the official live broadcast “EXP チ ャ ン チ ャ ル 3rd Season # 11” yesterday that the Switch version of “NG” will be officially released on May 28, 2020 as the third anniversary of its horror series.

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NG “NG” is the second episode of the “Psychic Horror” series of games launched by Experience under the theme of “Silent Terror”, and the first is “Death Seal”.

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The game “NG” is set in Yoshinoji Temple, Tokyo in 1999. The protagonist lost his mother and uncle to live together. One day after he picked up a black mysterious letter, a creepy incident began to occur. His sister Aihai disappeared. Later, on the way to find the sea of ​​love, a mysterious girl appeared in front of the protagonist. In exchange for news about the sea of ​​love, the protagonist and partners will investigate all kinds of weird events and confront all kinds of terrible strange phenomena. Different choices will determine the outcome of different directions.

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日常 The “daily” in the game is based on the theme of legend and inheritance, and is rewritten as “non-daily”. The protagonist of the face-to-face death game will carry out different actions according to the player’s choice and usher in different endings. Compared with the previous work, it has evolved from the details to create a more refined, horrifying death scene performance and story branches. The content has been greatly enhanced, and a more realistic and weird horror experience brings players an immersive feeling. .

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“NG” was released on the PSV platform in September 2018 and on the PS4 platform in February 2019. This time also confirmed the release date of the Switch version. Interested players can look forward to it.


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