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the release date of the folding smartphone is precise and the Pixel Roll is talking about him

Google has yet to showcase its folding smartphone, the supposed Pixel Fold, but it won’t be long. It actually has to face competition, especially Samsung. A leak also mentions the Pixel Roll, a rollable smartphone.

Today, the folding smartphone market is still largely dominated by Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer is also preparing to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which will have the best camera under the screen in August. Competitors are therefore working hard to launch their own model of folding smartphones.

Concept du Google Pixel Fold – Crédit : Waqar Khan / YouTube

The folding Google Pixel, supposedly called Fold as it is customary, was in the headlines last year. A leaked internal document mentioned a mysterious Google Pixel with the codename “passport” in reference to being able to fold. Now, several sources specify release date of this famous Pixel Fold.

Samsung Display will soon produce folding screens for the Google Pixel Fold

Last week, ETNews media claimed that Google would use Samsung Display for its folding screens. Indeed, a Korean report announced earlier this year that Google, Xiaomi and OPPO had asked Samsung to provide them with folding OLED screens.

In addition, our colleagues at 9to5Google confirmed a few weeks ago that Google was indeed working on the smartphone under the code name “Passport” with GPQ72 as model number. They had discovered this information while rummaging through the files of Android 12 Beta 1. We have already explained to you whether to install this update on your smartphone and how to do it.

According to Korean media outlet The Elec, Samsung Display will begin production of the folding screens ordered from it in October 2021. Analyst Ross Young has also confirmed that the Google Pixel Fold will be announced in the last quarter of the year. So there is a good chance that the folding smartphone is unveiled alongside the Pixel 6. This one would be as powerful as a Galaxy S21 and its presentation is expected in October.

The Google Pixel Roll won’t be released until next year

Finally, Ross Young also mentioned the Google Pixel Roll on his Twitter account. Like Samsung, which could soon present its Galaxy Z Roll, Google would therefore also be working on another smartphone that is not folding, but can be rolled up. The analyst tweeted that: ” Pixel Roll sounds so good. It’s in our forecast, but not expected in the next 12 months “. Of course, all this information remains speculation as long as there is no official confirmation from the manufacturers concerned.

Source : NotebookCheck

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