The relationship between Mr. Fauci and the Wuhan Virus Institute was revealed

The relationship between Mr. Fauci and the Wuhan Virus Institute was revealed

After the publication of the World Health Organization’s virus origin investigation report has faced many doubts, the US Congress is asking Mr. Fauci and Mr. Peter Daszak of the Ecological Health Alliance to provide relevant documents. to virus and financial records.

Mr. Anthony Fauci (Photo: NIAID / Flickr)

The National Pulse website reported that the Committee on Energy and Commerce on April 16 sent a letter to Mr. Peter Daszak – Director of the EcoHealth Alliance, to asked 34 issues, including the organization’s cooperation document and the Wuhan Virus Institute.

Commission on Energy and Commerce requires Mr. Peter Daszak before 17/5 to provide “Documentary information”And financial information on all federal research grants that the Eco-Health Alliance receives from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), up to its device safety documentation. Wuhan Virus Research Institute.

Previously, National Pulse reported that the Ecological Health Alliance has received a multi-million dollar grant from Mr. Fauci’s Institute for Allergy and Infectiousness, to study corona virus in bats and many subsequent times. welcoming Mr. Fauci as a speaker. The Ecological Health Coalition last year was at the forefront of toppling the theory of a leak virus from the lab, but recently, Mr. Robert Redfield of the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Treatment has expressed agreement with Virus theory originated in a laboratory.

National Pulse also revealed that Peter Daszak has extensive economic ties to the Communist Party of China.

Mr. Fauci has prevented the wide spread of Hydroxychloroquine therapy, raising suspicions

The Gateway Pundit page reported that, Director of the American Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Fauci and Director of the US Food and Drug Administration Woodcock, by dismissing the effects of Hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19, should be tolerated. responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

For the past year, political bias has prevented the American medical community from promoting potential Chinese virus therapies (COVID-19) such as the drug Hydroxychloroquine. Earlier last year, after Trump promoted Hydroxychloroquine, Mr. Fauci, the American media and the medical community repeatedly denied the drug’s effectiveness, despite evidence that it was effective in terms of treatment. COVID-19.

Currently, more than 232 clinical trials have shown that Hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating Chinese viruses, according to the research page that lists, the patient is near death, and the patient is in the early stage treatment. using Hydroxychloroquine, has shown huge improvement.

However, because Mr. Fauci and the medical community politicize, many doctors still disagree with using this drug for patients in prevention and early stage treatment.

Infectious disease specialist Steven Hatfill recently guested on Bannon’s “War Room” program and said that the medical treatment agency is preventing Hydroxychloroquine’s effective therapy because it allows them to promote realism. vaccine testing.

Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective, he said, with a pill costing only about 6 US cents each. “You don’t need a vaccine”says Dr. Steven Hatfill, “It is very clear that Mr. Fauci, Mrs. Woodcock and Mr. Rick Arthur Bright were responsible for the deaths of thousands of thousands of Americans, because they damaged the reputation of the drug.”

Peter Navarro: Fauci is “father of the epidemic circulating “

In late March, former White House Economic Advisor Peter Navarro told Fox News, strongly criticizing Mr. Fauci as “father of the epidemic circulating “. At the same time he has an article in the Washington Times, saying that Wuhan laboratory created a new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), and criticized Mr. Fauci. “Use US taxpayer money to fund this research lab, empower the so-called ‘gain of function research’ that allows China (the CCP) to proceed with viral genetic modification. . Now I call him the ‘Fauci virus’. ”

In an interview with Fox News, Peter Navarro called Mr. Fauci “the father of the virus” and Mr. Trump “the father of the vaccine”. (Source: Fox News screenshots)

The article says, the biosafety level of the Wuhan Virus Laboratory is “P4”, and it hosts the most dangerous virus on earth. However, no P4 lab is permanently 100% safe, because there are many cases where viruses escape.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Wuhan Laboratory to accidentally release SARS-CoV-2. This is particularly plausible according to the State Department’s 2018 warning that the Wuhan Laboratory’s safety precautions are too lax and the possibility of “new pandemic like SARS ” maybe appear. (Can’t say we weren’t foretold.)

In 2017, in the absence of an adequate warning to the White House, Dr. Fauci and his NIH colleague Francis Collins re-commissioned the Wuhan Laboratory to use the so-called function enhancement study. (can improve the viral pathogenicity). Mr. Fauci and Mr. Collins unilaterally overturned Obama’s 2014 decision to restrict such experiments.

In fact, SARS-CoV-2 has some very unusual characteristic functions, indicating that the strain has been genetically modified. For example, the possibility “asymptomatic transmission“High levels of SARS-CoV-2 make the virus more contagious and more lethal.”

The high degree of asymmetric spread and the rapid mutation and lethality of the virus indicate the likelihood of it being weaponized. The US State Department revealed that Wuhan Laboratory has participated in the research on behalf of the CCP military since 2017. In the same year, Mr. Fauci and Mr. Collins approved a functional enhancement study of Wuhan Laboratory. .

The last part of the puzzle “Fauci – father of the epidemic“Is: Mr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health has approved Mr. Peter Daszak’s organization to transfer approximately $ 7 million from US taxpayers to the Wuhan Laboratory. Before the pandemic, Mr. Peter Daszak bragged about the virus, genetically modified work in Wuhan laboratory.

Finally, the National Pulse article states that it was Mr. Fauci who provided the funding and green-lighted the Wuhan laboratory to conduct the functional enhancement experiment, and that Congress is awaiting an investigation into this. .

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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