The referee was accused of swearing at the PSG player

Midfielder Ander Herrera has denounced the improper behavior of the referee who controlled the match between Man City and PSG.

Immediately after the second leg of the Champions League semi-final at Etihad ended, midfielder Ander Herrera appeared to the press and denounced the referee Bjorn Kuipers. According to former Man Utd star, this black king had bad words to Leandro Paredes.

“In one situation, he said ‘damn’ and we couldn’t accept it”, said the Spaniard. “We were disappointed with the result, but I think the game was still under control until Di Maria was sent off.”.

Mr. Bjorn Kuipers had to run a very intense game. Photo: Getty

In fact, the representative of French football had a bad stance at Etihad. However, public goods

Without the service of Kylian Mbappe, he was very ungainly in front of Man City’s high defenders.

“We played better in the first 70 minutes, we can completely hold our heads up. This result is very sad but the team understands that it is not easy to reach the final and a year later it is a semi-final in this tournament “Herrera added.

After defeating Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the previous rounds, PSG is considered by experts to have a great chance to win the championship. However, the lack of stability of the Paris capital team caused them to miss again with the highest title in Europe.

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