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The Red Star (Game) – My heart belongs to the Party and Comrade Makita, the Knight of the Storm

The Red Star debuted in 2000. The best depiction of The Red Star is the fictional Russia (“Soviet Union”) of the last century, where both magic and technology coexist. In parallel in this new world, there are conspiracies and forces from politics to religion, conflicts and people in the grim context. The series takes you along with husband and wife Marcus and Maya of the Antares family, brother Urik Antares and bodyguard Kyozo. Meanwhile Makita is a warrior of the rebel faction side by side with these people on the path of destruction.

The Russia you see in The Red Star is a magnificent, beautiful country of ancient magic from Slavicism and a flourishing development of industry and manufacturing. And needless to say, it was fascinating from the very first settings. The birth of The Red Star can be said to be quite interesting, Gossett worked with Dark House Comic on the Star Wars: Tale Of The Jedi project, even won an award and was recognized as one of the Star Wars’s brightest creator at Comic. And it is this inspiration that he has been with Star Wars until the time of The Old Republic, from settings, creativity and influence, and so while Gossett is most squeezing his mind … The Red Star is born.

“In the midst of all of this fun, I had learned so much about storytelling, I couldn’t help but ask myself what kind of story I would tell. I was living in Berkeley at the time, and one night in my studio apartment, I thought long and hard about a project of my own. What came from it was The Red Star. ” – Gossett.

While I was still enjoying myself and having learned a lot about storytelling, I couldn’t help but wonder what a new story I would start telling people. I was living in Berkeley, and then one night in my studio apartment, I thought about a project for a long time. And so The Red Star was born. ” – Gossett.


The game version of The Red Star came out in 2004, adapted from the Comic Series of the same name, but the plot and setting in the game will be slightly different. Some plot parts will stay in the comic while the game will try to go quickly, ignore the story and take you straight to Imbohl – the last boss in The Red Star. In the game you just need to know about Urik, Maya, Makita, Kyozo. The game is based on the em’up beat genre, action and art style still remain the familiar from Comic. And I’m glad they didn’t let go of Makita’s beautiful blue eyes …


Gameplay: In accordance with the beat em’up’s criteria, combo skills, smash all the enemies on the screen and continue through the screen. Telling the game’s development story is quite interesting: The Red Star was in a near-finished state and was rapidly reaching its original release date in the fall of 2004 when the original publisher of the game was Acclaim Entertainment right. that year filed for bankruptcy, officially quitting the fierce game between Gen 6th game studios at that time. Acclaim shut down all operations and sold off any assets it owned – from office furniture to unfinished games. However, The Red Star seems to have officially been sold out of assets or something, everything is now shelved. Almost two years passed before the XS Games suddenly announced that they were reviving The Red Star and bringing it to PlayStation 2. And that’s when this Underated game came to life and brought back my beloved Mikita.

In addition to PS2, the PSP port as well as XBOX will be released soon but I still want you to play with the PS2 and XBOX versions more, why? Co-op mode!

There are 3 playable characters for you from Kyozo – big, bulky, but very buffalo and strong for those who just want to rush through the enemy’s defense and hit whatever you like. Kyozo’s gun is a fast-paced machine gun, after which Kyozo can have more sniper rifle and flamethrower, his Ulti is a gathering laser and is extremely powerful when aiming directly at a special target, the Boss. . The disadvantage that you will soon notice in Kyozo is that because of his size, his Hitbox too, the enemy will not be too difficult to target Kyozo, especially when the Boss can spam bullets in the direction of red, purple, yellow. screen.

Meanwhile my dear Makita is smaller, more agile, more effective at masses with fire from her pistols, her Sub-machine gun shoots fan-shaped and finally a very extreme Shotgun. strong at close range. Her Ulti is an explosion that blows anything surrounding within a radius and YES! YOUR MELEE IS A PULP! NO I AM SO SERIOUS! THE HAMMER AND SICKLE!


My Heart Felt So Fire!

And the final character of the game that can only be unlocked through the beat game at least once, is Maya Antares, the cool Slavic ice mage. Maya has the advantage of very strong firepower and Op especially when you just want to smash the Boss and dodge bullets. Her Ulti can also heal herself as well as accumulate Stack pretty quickly if you don’t mind her cramped melee attacks.

All 3 characters will give you 3 different gameplay as well as the fact that each person has their own Combo sets, which means it is very important to memorize each other’s advantages, especially among others. Boss battle screen with bullets flying across the screen or mass combat screens. Besides weapons, you also have a Shield function that allows up to 2-3 attacks to be the most stretched, it can be a temporary solution, especially in the screen flying full screen.

One factor that increases game difficulty comes from timing and canceling, you know, probably because it’s an old game so it respects the controll tradition properly. Once your character has entered the Animation for a combo or attack, you will have to go through that Animation and cannot cancel the action, that is, at those loopholes you should wish that there was no enemy. Hook tires or bite you in the middle … Every time after clearing the screen, you will be rewarded with points to use for the weapon and skill upgrade system of the game, very interesting with 3 characters and 3 upgrade sets, different indexes.

The game has extremely good Pacing, some screens bring you back to your childhood in the Side-Scrolling Beatem’up style while some camera angles are constantly switching and giving you many different perspectives. There will even be some familiar fly shooting screens. The number of enemies in the game is also very diverse with many types, the tactics here always force you to balance between melee combat and shooting because there will be shielded enemies that can only be defeated by hook from. behind or do melee combat with great heat through their shields. Moreover, the characters’ guns always have a certain level of Overheat and after being overloaded, it will take at least 1-1.5 seconds to regain – meaning that in Boss fights this is very important, because you Won’t want to go through that 1-2 seconds of non-combat.

At the same time, later on, the number of Models onscreen also increased significantly, AI started to coordinate even though the rhythm of the game when handling these creeps was still at medium level. You have a formidable arsenal of weapons by your side, but it still gets bustling really quickly, especially in later Chapters. Entering the Top Down Sections is always the time when Adrenaline is most focused on your heart – because I bet most people want to try that Rank S (No Damage) and it’s really a lot of muscle when you see the Boss. There are Phases 2 and 3 and the more F-up when each phase of it, the more weapons and spam bullets also. There are times when I even swear death was only a few nanometers away from me when the bullet flew past me and by some luck… It didn’t touch my hitbox.


The game’s Level Design, though at times has a downside, is that they are quite repetitive. But I like the way that Art Style of the game respects the spirit of comic books when running in the industrial scene with rusted colors, up to the hills, plain roads of the decaying buildings. bombardment and snowfall… As if you were in the middle of the old Mother Earth Stalingrad battlefield. Or even the way it depicts the Space and Destroyer Levels. For example, Russia in this country is called URRS instead of the traditional name, Afghanistan is called Al’Istaan, Norgoka reminds you of the Mongolian territory, RSS Konstantinov Flying Fortress, Makita whose real name is Valentina Galilei, Maya Antares’ real name is Maya Vlasova …

The constantly changing nature of the game makes you always have to try and know that each level will contain a large number of enemies as well as extremely tough Bosses become a motivation to keep going. Even by the end of the game, which takes quite a bit of time and the Chapters of the game, you realize that you are repeating a motif, but it is not so important because of good combat design. Boss creates a feeling of satisfaction and with many different strategies for each level the monotony is almost never existed. Some levels also have extra puzzle mechanics or elements, for those who want to relieve a little after hours of stretching their arm muscles because of dodging bullets, or some challenge your nausea level with multiple Segments. face, very interesting.


And thanks to good Artstyle, even if this is a game from 2004 to 2006, you can still notice the vivid graphics of the game despite the many models still rough, angular Big Polygon or jagged. . The way the game makes the image of the techno soldiers of guns mixed with melee swords or robots, giant machines … Although the game’s Repetitive problem still persists. And if you are Gen Z then you will want to stay away from the game because it does not have a Checkpoint mechanism in the middle of the screen. This means that once Fail, you will start all over again from the beginning of the screen, consider this. Especially in the muscle tension boss battles can have 2-3 phases or worse, several Minibosses and fierce battles in the same screen and can make people who are stressed very easily to RAGE.

OST in the game is no doubt, if Red Alert has epic poems about our “red big brother”, The Red Star will not be inferior to bringing back exciting Beat Em Up melodies. and the boiling spirit of the Revolution… However, there was not much Voice Acting, I could hear a hoarse sound in Makita’s Yaaaa scream …

General rating: With 3 playable characters with different advantages in speed or strength, making each character special enough to play through. What’s even better is the two-player co-op mode, which diversifies in the number of new enemies introduced at virtually every level, and each boss is special, varying in size, strength or type. attacks until the Final Boss. The Red Star gave me an awesome end-to-end experience and what do you know? I’m already starting its series, it might take quite a while, but I’m sure I can plow it.


From Makita with Love

HenryMason AKA TranVietBach
As your Service.

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