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The reasons Apple should kill port lightning connection

Lightning connection port has been used by Apple since 2012, to replace the 30-pin connector port. Since then, lightning has become Apple's new standard, and we can see this connection on many devices. But 7 years later, it only appears on low-end iPhones and iPads.

Vice President of Global Marketing of Apple, Phil Schiller once said when the death of a 30-pin connection port: "A lot of things have changed since we first created that 30 pin connector.". And now, the same thing is about to happen to lighting, when a lot has changed.

There are not many devices that use lightning connections

Lighting is still an exclusive technology from Apple and can only be seen on devices like iPhone or iPad. In 2018, Apple launched the iPad Pro with USB-C connection instead of lightning. However, when launching new low-end iPad models in March, Apple retained the lightning port.

The MacBook also uses a USB-C port, but now the iPhone still comes with a lightning-to-USB charging cable. Therefore, you will not be able to connect your iPhone to the MacBook without the adapter.

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Lightning connectors are now only available on low-end iPhones and iPads, and no other manufacturer uses this connection. This makes it less popular, leading to many other problems such as hard repair, expensive accessories and the use of multiple converters.

Cost more expensive

Because of the unpopularity, accessories such as charging cables and switch ports for lightning are often more expensive than USB-C. Higher prices can also make it easier for users to purchase non-genuine accessories, with low quality and high risks.

Slow speed

Apple has been using lighting for 7 years, most of the lightning cables transmit data at the same speed as USB 2.0, some new models can reach USB 3.0 speeds. However we do not know exactly, because this is proprietary technology and Apple does not disclose the specifications.

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However, Apple also has a much faster connection standard, Thunderbolt 3 (40Gb / s). Thunderbolt 3 also supports external hard drives and outputs signals to the screen, and also uses the currently popular USB-C connector. However, Apple has not used USB-C on all of its devices.

Does not support fast charging

You may not need fast data transfer, because lightning is primarily used for charging. But technology has evolved, and lightning doesn't even support fast charging like we see on many other Android smartphones.

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In addition, Apple 's lightning charging cables are known for their rupture, and you will soon have to replace them with a new charging cable.


The fact that Apple will death the lightning connection port will not happen overnight, at least until the end of the year. Because according to leaked sources, iPhone 2019 will still use lighting port instead of switching to USB-C.

However lightning has also been used for the past 7 years, with a lot of change and development technology. So someday, lightning will be replaced like Apple did with port 30 pin in 2012.

Reference: Business Insider

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