The reason Toyota is not interested in electric cars

Although Toyota seems to be a “latecomer” in the development of electric vehicles, this is not a mistake but is in the calculation of the Japanese automaker.

This year, Toyota announced only two pure electric models, in contrast to the ambitious plans of other giants when they want to electrify the entire product portfolio. The Japanese automaker won’t make such a sudden change, at least as long as it’s not ready to focus on electric vehicles.

The reason is not so much from the fact that the market is still young, but based on environmental concerns. According to Automotive News, during Toyota’s annual shareholder meeting, the Japanese automaker explained its reluctance to electrify its products in relation to the issue of reducing carbon emissions, due to a number of studies that determined that the process The process of producing electric vehicles and electric batteries also emits more harmful gases than those from the exhaust pipes of cars using traditional internal combustion.

However, Mr. Masahiko Maeda – Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer – also said that the Japanese automaker still puts the needs of consumers first: “In the end, what matters is what customers choose”.

In the US, electric vehicles make up less than 2% of the auto market, which is a small piece of the pie for manufacturers to scramble. Meanwhile, Toyota’s products will follow the direction of diversifying powertrains in the next 30 years, from gasoline, hybrid, fuel cell and electric vehicles. The options will compete with each other for the top position in the hearts of customers.

The fact that Toyota is not interested in the electric vehicle market does not mean that this manufacturer does not invest in new technology. Toyota’s first electric car model – bZ4x – is expected to officially launch a commercial version in 2022. This is also the first product in a series of seven electric vehicles provided by the Japanese automaker to customers in the US in this year. year 2025.

According to Tien Phong online newspaper


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