99% of restaurants in this Asian country sell delicious food, bad restaurants almost do not exist: The reason why everyone admires - Photo 1.
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The reason everyone admires

On Quora – an open discussion forum recently had 1 topic viral all over the Internet. Specifically, the article pointed out a country in Asia that has almost no bad restaurants, with the given reason and the members’ comments are very relevant.

Nowhere else, it is Japan.

Member Martin Schneider had the most popular answer to the question “Why are there only a few restaurants serving bad food in Japan?”. The first reason Martin stated was due to the very high level of competition in the country of the rising sun: “Few places in the world have a higher density of restaurants / eateries than Japan, with 1 out of 266 Japanese people (whether in rural or urban), this rate is high. double the second position is the United States (549 new people have 1 restaurant) ”.

Second, he asserted that Japanese people are usually very gourmet and strict in eating: “For my Germany, for example, when you get an unsatisfactory meal in a restaurant, you’ll probably sigh and skip it, like knowing the chefs had a bad day? You may not be visiting this place for a while, but sooner or later you will give them a second chance.

  99% of restaurants in this Asian country sell delicious food, bad restaurants almost do not exist: The reason why everyone admires - Photo 2.

“When I talk about this to my Japanese friends, they roll their eyes as if I were an alien… The Japanese explained that when the same thing happened to them, even once, basically they will leave and never come back. Not stopping there, immediately they will give that restaurant a bad complaint on the social network, then everything is difficult to control.

Basically, there is no shortage of delicious food addresses in Japan, so restaurants that only lose their trust once are considered losing customers. But it’s not just a matter of choosing a restaurant, there’s also a cultural layer behind it. In Japan there is a saying お 客 様 は 神 様 – which means “the customer is god”. With such a culture, the Japanese will not tolerate any place that does not meet customer expectations ”.

Martin also pointed out that the culinary business has a very important position in Japan and that Japanese people expect consistent, persistent and perfect dedication from the chef’s skills, like diligence and patience. and the carpenter’s meticulousness.

Also from that point of view, if any dish is not good enough, it is absolutely impossible to serve customers. Any half-hearted dish will not get sympathy from the Japanese.

Of course, not all Japanese are absolutely harsh, but in general, the Japanese food industry has no room for half-hearted, easy-going restaurants with food provided to customers. Therefore, 99% of restaurants are of good quality, because basically, bad restaurants cannot exist. This once again makes the world respect the discipline, meticulousness and perfection of the Japanese.

Source: Martin Schneider – Quora

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