The real photo of the villa was accused by Putin

The real photo of the villa was accused by Putin

(News 24h) – The image of the magnificent villa that Mr. Navalny acquired and allegedly belonged to President Putin can be obtained from real estate sites.

A crew from Moscow-based news channel Mash this week visited the magnificent mansion in Gelendzhik, where Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has called “Putin’s palace” to see firsthand. verified the videos that caused the “fever” on social networks and was the reason to lead to a series of protests across Russia last week.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
The magnificent villa is just outside with construction materials sprawl. Photo cut from clip

Surprisingly, Maas’ video on messaging service Telegram does not show photos similar to what Mr. Navalny made in his allegations of what is owned by the Russian President.

This crew was able to go inside the mansion without any security forces, butlers or security guards. The villa is really just “an empty shell”.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
The entrance to the villa does not need a gate. Photo cut from clip

The entrances to many areas have no gates and nowhere to be found the luxurious golden walls and red carpet of the luxurious tsarist that Mr. Navalny showed in the video depicting Putin’s palace.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
There are no gilded walls and luxurious red carpet. Photo cut from clip

Surrounded by scaffolding, the new building was only partially completed from the outside, while the inside did not have any interior, electric wires hung on the unpaved walls. In 16 identical rooms, concrete sacks were piled up with the swimming pool and much of the garden still unfinished.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
Inside the magnificent mansion. Photo cut from clip

The exterior, technical structures are also far from the photo shown during Navalny’s investigation, titled ‘Putin’s Palace’.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
The outdoor dome is not completed. Photo cut from clip

The editor of this channel, Mr. Maxim Iksanov, said that the images that Mr. Navalny gave were similar to those widely shared on real estate exhibition pages. They are really just pictures of some mansion, not real images.

In addition, Mr. Navalny used the villa flycam image, which showed more convincing about the inside images of the villa, not the real image that Mr. Navalny got from the investigation.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
There was no real estate like Mr. Navalny described in Russia.

All the images released by the Mash channel further convince claims that Mr. Navalny was just “sitting at home and copying + pasting” the photos to produce a video that he claims has investigated the evidence. corruption of the Russian President.

The Mash Channel said it had obtained access to the mansion with the help of a construction supervisor there for many years. This person also did not reveal who the owner of this villa.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
Mr. Navalny provided a photo showing President Putin swimming in a seaside villa.

In fact, the existence of a large-scale mansion on Russia’s sunny Black Sea coast, has been known since 2012, when British state broadcaster BBC News announced it could be the summer home of President Putin.

At the time, the Kremlin said these allegations were not based on facts. When Mr. Navalny once again used the BBC information and appended flycam videos and images from real estate sites, they suddenly became feverish again.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
Villa photos provided by Mr. Navalny.

An important part of the argument that Mr. Navalny made that the majestic mansion belonged to a high-ranking figure was due to the existence of a no-fly zone, supposed to protect the president from attack. public from the air while Putin may be lying in the sun around the palace swimming pool.

However, earlier this week, the Russian state security agency FSB affirmed that the ban on air routes in the area was intended to counter the threat of NATO spy planes approaching the coastline. Russian officials added that there were no protected assets in the area.

You really know that the big object is Putin's
The picture in the villa that Mr. Navalny displayed was taken from the real estate brokerage sites.

Nearly 100 million people have so far viewed Navalny’s documentary describing the Russian President’s evidence of corruption. Navalny’s associates posted footage of the Russian President’s “investigation” after Navalny was detained at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport upon his return from Berlin. Mr. Navalny has been detained while awaiting trial on charges of violating the terms of a three-and-a-half-year suspended sentence on fraud charges.

Although the video, which Mr. Navalny has, is not realistic, it has become a reason to trigger reactions on Russian social media and urge Russian youth to respond to protests against the state despite the protests. The demonstration is unlicensed and the COVID-19 epidemic remains high.

Russian officials arrested thousands of people, including hundreds of minors, the smallest 9 years old, for participating in the protest and using objects and snow thrown at police.

Clip of the town “Putin Palace” on the Black Sea:

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