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The Razer Deathadder surpasses the mark of 10 million units sold, becoming the most successful item of the "Green Snake".

Since its launch in 2006, Razer's Deathadder has become the most famous gaming mouse in the world, and owns 25 different versions, including limited editions for good e-sports teams. for the blockbuster cooperative games with Razer. Today, "Green Snake" claims Deathadder is the company's most successful gaming mouse, with the passing of 10 million units sold.

It can be said that Deathadder is the most recognizable gaming mouse model because of its ergonomic design and its lines. There is no shortage of these "borrow" design companies to produce their own gaming mice, and even Deathadder has a left-handed version, and according to Razer, Deathadder is also a gaming mouse designer. First ergonomics for left-handed people.

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After Deathadder was born, Razer continued to introduce Mamba, the wireless version with a design not much different from the Deathadder, but did not have much success because of the unfriendly price for the younger game lovers. For now, I still see the Deathadder Elite bought in early 2017 as the best gaming mouse, with Pixart's PMW 3389 sensor collaborating with Logitech, playing FPS games at speeds of 400 to 500 DPI in CSGO with great pleasure. You love the RGB lights and you will see this version very well.


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