The rate of infection in Lombardy may be decreasing

The governor of Lombardy Fontana said the number of new nCoV infections did not increase as strongly as a few days ago and the situation could be better in the near future.

“I have not seen the data today, but we can see some small progress. The number of new nCoV infections has not increased as strongly as two to three days ago. Hopefully this is the beginning of the downward trend,” the governor said. Lombardy Attilio Fontana region today said in an interview on the Italian national radio.

A medical doctor examines patients at a field test area in Lombardy on March 13. Photo: AFP.

A medical doctor examines patients at a field test area in Lombardy on March 13. Image: AFP.

The Lombardy region of northern Italy is the hardest-hit area of ​​Covid-19 when 1,218 deaths were recorded. Italy on March 15, 368 more people died, of which 252 cases in Lombardy, the highest death rate in a day in the world.

Governor Fontana said that there is reason to be optimistic about the situation in Lombardy, said the spread of speed will change significantly in the next few days thanks to the decision to blockade and restrict people from traveling since March 8. .

However, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that the Covid-19 situation was still worsening throughout the country. “Scientists think the pandemic is not yet at its peak, with the highest risk in the coming weeks,” he said.

Italy is the second largest worldwide outbreak after China, with nearly 25,000 people positive for nCoV. The country also has the second highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the world when more than 1,800 people have died. Covid-19 has appeared in 160 countries and territories, causing nearly 170,000 people to be infected with nCoV and more than 6,500 dead.

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