Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble on June 25.  Photo: AFP.

The race to find survivors of the 12-storey apartment collapse

AmericaRescuers race against time to keep hope alive in the rubble of Champlain Towers South.

Rescuers battled smoke and hot weather while digging through mountains of rubble for signs of life, while families still cling to the faint hope that there are survivors in the rubble. of Champlain Towers South apartment building in Florida, USA.

Miami-Dade officials said on June 25 that four people had died, warning that the number would increase. 159 people are still missing, the number has remained unchanged throughout the day, indicating that no more survivors or bodies have been discovered.

Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble on June 25. Image: AFP.

The situation seemed very dark when 12 floors of apartments collapsed on top of each other, but rescuers still hope there is enough space for residents inside to take shelter and breathe. “We still have faith because the search and rescue team says so, they still have hope,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said.

Search teams work in rotation with the help of sniffer dogs, cameras and sonar. The number of people on duty at the scene is limited because the rubble is still unstable, there is a risk of further collapse. Multiple rescue groups from Mexico and Israel were present to assist local forces.

Motor vehicles were deployed to remove and remove the top layers of brick and stone, while rescuers searched for traces of survivors. Another group approaches from the underground car park, risking their own lives to find the residents trapped inside. Debris continued to fall on them.

Miami-Dade Fire Department Superintendent Andy Alvarez said his team once rescued a girl who had survived eight days under the rubble following the Hiati earthquake. “People have to keep hope. We are doing everything to save the lives of your loved ones,” he said.

The moment a 12-storey apartment building in the US collapsed

The moment the 12-storey apartment building collapsed on the morning of June 24. Video: NY Post.

Champlain Towers South apartment building in Surfside town, Florida, suddenly collapsed at about 1:30 on June 24 (12:30 Hanoi time). This building has more than 130 apartments, about 80 of which are already occupied and the collapsed part consists of 45 apartments. The building has shown signs of alarming subsidence since the 1990s.

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