The purpose of the CCP is frantically acquiring and merging American companies

The purpose of the CCP is frantically acquiring and merging American companies

From movie theaters, film production, to home appliances and technology companies, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always tried to take over large, mainstream companies in every sector in America. This move by the CCP poses a national security risk to the US, and the tendency of Chinese enterprises to buy back and penetrate, need to be stopped, said the US hawk official, said.

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The CCP is trying to overtake the US in science, technology and economics, and influence American politics at the same time. Consequently, over the years, the CCP has increased its influence in America in a variety of industries such as food, science and technology, media, etc. by through investment, mergers and acquisitions.

Experts said that the CCP entered the field of science and technology in America, because of its “Made in China 2025” plan; moreover, the CCP is like a data warehouse, wanting to collect data and information in as many places as possible, the purpose is to control society.

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Expert Gordon Chang: The CCP hopes to control American companies

According to Newsmax, Mr. Juscelino Filgueiras Colares, director of Frederick K. Cox International Law (Frederick K. Cox International Law Center), professor of politics and commercial law at Case Western Reserve University (Case Western Reserve University) ) said, the CCP hopes America’s transnational companies to fail in America and that the CCP will play a role in their global proclamation. They adore American companies and like to be recognized by Americans.

These US mainstream companies have huge economic interests in Mainland China, including the largest movie theater chain company in the US AMC, Legendary Entertainment Production Group, General Electric Appliance Company. , Motorola Mobility, etc.

China affairs expert Gordon Chang argues that the CCP hopes to control American companies to gain leadership in science and technology, and make them oppose the United States. Because the CCP has always tried to destroy the political regime and ruin America’s economic prosperity.

“When the CCP owns a company, it affects the direction of the company’s development and employees,” he said. “We need to pay attention to this point, moreover we need to break this way of influence of the CCP.”

The United States needs to pay attention to what acquisitions and mergers are being made by the CCP and its representatives, and what is possible, said Will Coggin, director of the American Security Institute. energy is used to deal with the US, and to help the CCP fulfill the goal of global hegemony.

“They (CCP) wanted to overthrow America,” he said. “They buy back the company for their own sake, and eventually use it to deal with us.”

There are at least 40 states in the US that have important transaction records involving Chinese people

The consulting organization MacroPolo researches and monitors the CCP’s activities in the US territory under the Paulson Foundation (Paulson Institute) in Chicago (Illinois). According to research by this organization, direct investment by the CCP in the US in 2016 amounted to 46.5 billion USD, then decreased due to pressure and oversight of the US government; in 2018, the CCP’s venture capital investment in the US amounted to $ 4.7 billion. Areas of investment include mobile technology, software, life sciences, artificial intelligence, data, and other science and technology plans.

According to data from the non-profit consumer rights organization Public Citizen, from 2002 to the present, the CCP’s financial interests groups have purchased assets of more than 120 billion USD in US territory. Nearly 60% of the acquisitions were conducted by 15 Chinese entity companies. These companies are either state-owned enterprises backed by national capital, or private enterprises with close ties to the Chinese government. According to the organization’s data records, at least 40 states have important transaction records involving Chinese people.

Not only is the CCP very interested in science and technology, but also defies intellectual property laws to promote its product development, the CCP also seeks to obtain information and data from American people. “They (the CCP) hope to retain the private data of each person of this country (America),” said Will Coggin. “(The CCP) is like a data warehouse, wanting to collect as much data and information as possible, all of which is to control society.”

Mr. Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said that the CCP’s investment in the new field of innovation is dangerous. Because emerging technologies were stolen and brought back to Mainland China. “They (CCP) are constantly collecting all kinds of data on American territory,” he said. “Science and technology plus data collection are a combination that makes people extremely nervous.”

In addition to investing in science and technology, the CCP also invested in food, real estate, and games.

The Chinese company’s investments are not limited to the high-tech sectors, but also in the food, real estate and games sectors. Experts say the Americans may not know, the iconic American brand Smithfield Foods, known for its ham, is in fact owned by a Chinese company; Riot Games too, which is a company known for creating the popular video game “League of Legends”, which was acquired 93% by Chinese company Tencent for $ 400 million. in 2011; According to CNBC, in 2015, Tencent owned a 100% stake in Riot Games.

In the US hotel industry, Chinese companies also vie for interests. In 2014, China An Bang Insurance Group bought the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan for $ 2 billion, then continued to buy back strategic hotels and resorts from the hands of Blackstone Group. This $ 6.5 billion deal leaves An Bang with 16 real estate properties, owning 7532 hotel rooms, conference rooms and banquet space. These properties include the Ritz-Carltons in California the Fairmont Scottsdale hotel in Arizona, and the Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said that the CCP has targeted a career in line with its “Made in China 2025” plan, the purpose of which is to strengthen China’s position in 10 industries such as robotics and aerospace. information technology, and other high-tech sectors.

The CCP’s mergers and acquisitions are strategic

Although not every Chinese investment project poses a direct threat to national security, Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said that investments in certain industries will bring a dangerous signal. dangerous. “For a whole nation, we say, as far as the personal data of Americans are concerned, there are also many threats.” He said, “The purpose of this kind of acquisition could be extremely malicious.”

For example, the acquisition of luxury hotels seems to be a “wise step “ for investment. Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said these acquisitions could be more strategic. He said the CCP can target assets that can attract VIP figures such as politicians and company executives so they can secretly spy on them. Investments in entertainment industries like Hollywood have allowed the CCP to control how the country (China) is depicted in movies.

Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said that movies revealing that the CCP violates Uighur human rights will not appear on any big screen.

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He said: “The CCP government has a history of human rights abuses, espionage activities, and theft of intellectual property rights”. The United States, he added, needs to realize and consider what the CCP is buying and for what purpose.

Of course, not all US companies are sold, but this does not prevent the Chinese company from making massive investments, in order to win a board seat. In 2019, China’s Tencent invested $ 150 million in popular online social platform Reddit; then acquired a 10% stake in Universal Music Group, which owns the copyrights of top music artists for $ 3.4 billion. Tencent also owns a 40% stake in Epic Games, the developer of one of the most popular video games called Fortnite.

Mr. Juscelino Filgueiras Colares said that the United States should pay attention to the extent of the CCP’s penetration into the US commercial market.

Mr. Gordon Chang said that during the Trump administration period, due to its strict stance towards the CCP, the US side began to cancel many economic and financial ties between the US and China. Under the Biden administration, Gordon Chang is not too confident that the US government will continue to complete the process of separating from China. He does not believe that America has come to a step if it does not turn around and will collapse, but he said America needs to take a tough stance to prevent these transactions from happening.

According to Linyi, Epoch Times

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