The public screen sale was sent by the administrator to “mouthball”, but this player declared him innocent?

“Brother, buy it?”

“I am the latest hanger, stable and unsealed. The anchor will use it all!”

People who use plugins in this game to promote plugins and sell plugins, I think you should be familiar with them?

As long as a normal player, they should be bored with people who use plug-ins in competitive games. Such players are even called “orphans”. Players will also actively report and try to get them punished.

For those who advertise and sell plug-ins, the general game manager (GM) will impose penalties on them by blocking accounts or even blocking IP.

However, recently, the pigeon ate an interesting melon, so I picked it out today and shared it with everyone.

First of all, the problem appeared in a free online game that has been released for 7 years, named “War Thunder”.

That’s right, it’s the same game as “World of Tanks”, with vehicle confrontation.


As Gaijin ’s masterpiece, the War Thunder ’s international service has always been the responsibility of Gaijin. It is well known that Maozi ’s ability to do external plug-ins and anti-external plug-ins is not proportional to each other. In the past, “War Thunder” even completely relied on manual reports. The staff checked the video In this way, the plug-in identification is performed, although it is indeed not blocked by mistake, but the efficiency is too low, and many plug-ins take a long time to be punished.

In this case, Gaijin introduced the Little Blue Bear anti-cheat system and more managers (GM) joined the team to assist in the identification of plug-ins. At the same time, the Chinese chat room was cleaned up to make the original direct chat room There are quite a few robots on the public screen.


Then something interesting happened. An old player who had been playing for more than 5 years suddenly posted at Post Bar that he was banned by the newly added Chinese administrator who abused his authority.

Or Yongfeng.


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