The producer “pigeon”? “Dragon Quest Monsters” series development is not smooth

Since the Dragon Quest Monsters series was announced in November 2018, there have been no more follow-up reports. Recently, the producer of the Dragon Quest Monsters series Inuzu Tsui said in an interview with Japanese media. The development of this game was not smooth.

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Taichi Inuzuka mentioned“About the new book” Dragon Quest Monsters “, I want to make some powerful declarations, but I can’t say. Although I want to do something quickly, the harder I feel, the more I feel busy …?” “Three steps Feeling back two steps “” There will be many good games for everyone this year, so you can go and play a lot and wait patiently for “Dragon Quest Monsters” “.

In November 2018, SE officially announced that it was developing a new series of “Dragon Quest Monsters” series, and also released the original game drawing by Toriyama Akira, but so far no new news has been announced about this work. Only on TGS2019 was a Switch retro version of Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry Wonderland released on September 25, 1998. It seems that the development of the new series of Dragon Quest Monsters series has been blocked, and we have to wait for a while.

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November 2018 new series of “ Dragon Quest Monsters ” series announced

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Teri Wonderland Retro Edition


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