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The producer of “Blue Fantasy Relink” discusses the possibility of porting PS5 and Stadia

Cygames’ original IP “Blue Fantasy” ushered in the sixth anniversary in March this year. Producer Yuki Kimura and director Fukuhara also discussed the development plan of the derivative work “Blue Fantasy Relink” in a recent interview with Famitsu.

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First, Kimura introduced the current development progress of “Blue Fantasy Relink”:

“As I said before, the development of” Blue Fantasy Relink “is very smooth. Unfortunately, the specific details can not be given. In short, the current state of the game is that it is already very fun to play. If you maintain the current speed of progress If there is no doubt, we will deliver a work that lives up to expectations. “

And the release date that everyone cares about the most, they seem to already know.

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Kimura Soren: “We have a release date target in mind.”

Tetsuya Fukuhara: “We are a little nervous about this release date.”

Kimura Soren: “We have confirmed the plan for this date, but it will not be officially announced until it is more reliable.”

About the possibility of porting the PS5 and Stadia versions of “Blue Fantasy Relink”:

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Yuki Kimura: “We hope this game will be able to land on as many platforms as possible and reach as many players as possible. However, it is also important to release the game in a timely manner. It is not clear whether” Blue Fantasy Relink “will land on the new platform. But as long as our original development plan is completed, we can make a ported version. At present, our primary goal is to let everyone play this game as soon as possible. “

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Currently “Blue Fantasy Relink” is being developed for PS4. In 2018, Fukuhara also expressed interest in the Steam version, but obviously there is no specific plan yet.

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