The prime minister's pregnant girlfriend is recovering from Covid-19 symptoms
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The prime minister’s pregnant girlfriend is recovering from Covid-19 symptoms

The prime minister's pregnant girlfriend is recovering from Covid-19 - 1 symptoms

Carrie Symonds, fiancee of British Prime Minister Boris Johns, in a photo posted on social networks (Image: Instagram)

Guardian The report, 32-year-old Symonds, said she took a break last week because of some symptoms resembling Covid-19. However, she is recovering well.

“I don’t need to be tested and after 7 days of rest, I feel better and I’m recovering,” Symonds said.

Ms Symonds, who is expected to give birth this year, has isolated herself in Camberwell, south London, separate from Prime Minister Johnson after he had Covid-19. Mr. Johnson was isolated at 11 Downing Street, next to the Prime Minister’s Palace, after being positive for the virus on March 26.

The Prime Minister’s office said on 6 April that Mr. Johnson was transferred to St Thomas’ Hospital’s intensive care unit yesterday. According to the agency, this is considered a precaution in case Mr. Johnson has to use ventilators.

On Twitter over the weekend, Symonds admitted that being pregnant with Covid-19-like symptoms made her very worried. She also provided useful information to other pregnant women in the context of a pandemic spreading in the UK.

Senior health official Nadine Dorries said she has often contacted Symonds since she had symptoms of Covid-19. Dorries said Ms Symonds is getting better every day.

Follow Sun, Symonds is said to be 6 months pregnant. On Twitter, Ms Symonds said she received many wishes from politicians and parliamentarians.

In late February, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Symonds announced that they were engaged and would welcome their first child this summer.

Johnson, 55, and Symonds, 31, have been living together on Downing Street since Johnson became prime minister in July 2019. Previously, Ms. Symonds was a member of the campaign group that helped Mr. Johnson to be re-elected mayor of London in 2012.

Symonds originated in the British media as her father founded the famous newspaper Independent. Although young, he has had a successful political and media career. She was the communications director of the Conservative Party when she was only 29 years old. In 2018, Ms. Symonds was elected the second most influential figure in the political media field in the UK.

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