The price difference is negligible, so buy Galaxy A80, S10e or S9 +? - VnReview

The price difference is negligible, so buy Galaxy A80, S10e or S9 +? – VnReview

Along with genuine price segment from 14 to 15 million, each product has its own strong points, so what is the choice for you?

With the Galaxy A80 and S10e, both debuted earlier this year. While the A80 is the most premium product in the mid-range A series, S10e is the cheapest model in the flagship S10 series (including S10e, S10, S10 + and S10 5G). Particularly S9 + is the S9 flagship product launched more than a year ago, now the genuine price drops to 14 to 15 million dong depending on the store.

If you are wondering between the 3 models above, we would like to send a comparison to help readers make the most appropriate choice.

Galaxy A80

As mentioned, the A80 is the most advanced device in the 2019 Galaxy A series of products released not long ago. The highlight of the A80 is the unique rear camera design, the ability to rotate 180 degrees to turn into a front camera, to help Samsung create an impressive overflow screen without the need for rabbit ears or moles, embedded voice speakers and sensors Fingerprint on the screen.

The configuration of the A80 is also sufficient for the Snapdragon 730 processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB internal memory, and 3,700 mAh battery. However, because the screen size is up to 6.7 inches, the A80 is quite large, weighs 220g, so it would not be suitable if you often put your phone in your pocket or need a compact product.

Galaxy S10e

Coming to S10e, although there is no modern screen or rotating camera like the A80, this will be a suitable device if you need the compact, powerful and the latest flagship model to ensure receiving Android updates sooner. other models. This is also one of the few 2019 flagsship that costs under VND 20 million.

Galaxy S9 +

Galaxy S9 + is Samsung's most advanced smartphone at the beginning of last year. The design of the machine is quite traditional with the familiar Infinity thin border screen (thick bottom border), dual camera and fingerprint sensor on the back. If you only need the product with basic design, no need to follow the trend but still ensure stability in the next 1 year, the S9 + is the choice for you.

Of course, due to the launch of 1 year, the limitation of S9 + is on the processor chip, in addition, it will stop supporting new Android updates one year earlier than S10e, or even A80. However, compared to the A80, the S9 + and S10e, due to the flagship line, should have a standard HDR screen, front / rear are Gorilla Glass 5 high-end glass.

This is a comparison of the configuration of 3 devices for you to read.

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