The president of Honduras is infected with Wuhan corona virus

The president of Honduras is infected with Wuhan corona virus

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez late Tuesday, June 16 (local time), confirmed he was infected with Wuhan corona virus and is being treated. He added that he will not rest, but will continue to work remotely from his assistants.

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As the president of the country and a responsible citizen, I want to announce that over the weekend I began to feel some signs of discomfort and today I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.Hernandez said on television.

They advised me to take a break, but I will continue to work from afar and through my assistants”, Mr. Hernandez added.

The government of Honduras also issued a statement confirming that President Hernandez was infected with COVID-19 and had mild symptoms. He has been treated and is feeling better. He will be placed on quarantine to determine where to continue treatment as recommended by the physician. Currently, the President of Honduras is being given drugs such as microdacyn, azithromycin, ivermectin and zinc.

The Honduran government added that the president’s wife and two assistants were also infected with Wuhan corona virus and were all being treated.

First lady Ana Garcia de Hernandez does not show symptoms and will isolate herself at home, the Honduran government added.

According to Reuters, by the end of June 16, Honduras reported 9,656 cases of corona virus and 330 deaths.

Globally, the number of COVID-19 infections has exceeded 8.18 million, with 440,958 deaths, according to Reuters.

On Tuesday (June 16), the good news for COVID-19 patients was that the British authorities had successfully tested a drug to treat severe COVID-19 patients.

British scientists on Friday announced that preliminary clinical trial results showed that dexamethasone – commonly used to reduce inflammation in arthritis patients – helped reduce mortality rates by about 1/3 for hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

The price of dexamethasone is quite cheap. British scientists say they will continue to work to announce details of the drug soon.

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